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A lot of people associated with online marketing will agree that content is its present and future. Nowadays, marketers worldwide are leveraging the relevance and efficacy of quality content to reach out to its audience, with intent to solve their day-to-day issues.

In these tutorials we will explore how content marketing can be used as an online marketing channel to attract and retain defined customer niche. We will learn as to how content marketing can help in increase in sales, reduction of costs and attract more loyal customers.

Who Benefits?

These tutorials are designed for any learner or professional who has some basic knowledge about content and wants to understand as to how the potential of content marketing can be used to attract a loyal and informed customer base. In addition, any business head who wants to understand the requirements, challenges and effectiveness of content marketing as a medium to generate more leads for the sales people to convert, can get quite a few useful inputs from these tutorials.


If you need to market content you need to get it ready first. So knowledge and understanding of creating effective, meaningful and marketable content either through own efforts or through the content and design team, in house or off-shore, is the must have prerequisite.

If you are a business owner, all efforts need to go to keep the team motivated so that they work with passion and will. Be open to discussions and ideas on how to better the content marketing campaign.

Content Marketing eLEARN Tutorial

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