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Have you ever wondered why you a logo or a banner of a shopping site have suddenly started appearing on your browser’s window? No, you haven’t purchased anything from that site. Oh, the logo shows the item in the shopping cart of the site that you haven’t checked out yet. So, what’s your decision? This logo or banner asks you just that. This entire practice is called remarketing in the online marketing jargon.

This Remarketing eLearn page presents tutorials that will give you in-depth understanding of Remarketing. We will start with the basics of remarketing by looking at how it works. After that, we will understand how to set it up neatly, best practices to follow, and how to make it a viable and effective investment for a brand or a business.

Finally, we will look at some methods of remarketing including Standard Remarketing, Dynamic Remarketing, and Remarketing through Mobile Apps, Videos and through Email Lists.

Who Benefits?

As you can understand from the gist of it above, remarketing is an immensely beneficial tool for online marketers. It improves brand recall and target audiences with ads they may be interested to see. It also helps to convert visitors into customers through these ads. So remarketing benefits a brand or a business of any size, be it a relatively new one in the market, or the one that has established itself after a few years of toil.


One needs to be an experienced online marketer to effectively implement remarketing. This is because it takes a lot of effort to understand your target customers and market them with content that makes sense to them. Having said that, we have designed this tutorial in such a way that even beginners can gain immensely from it. However, technically, its best to have a website to gain the most out of this tutorial.

Re-Marketing eLEARN Tutorial

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