Backlink Checker Tool

Having spent months on the link-building activities for your domain, the efforts may have started bearing fruit by now. How about keeping a track of the number of backlinks each targeted URL has garnered over time. Simply enter the URL on the space provided on the tool and click Submit.


Backlinks are crucial for SEO. They help your website get indexed multiple times and improve its performance on search engines. And putting enough backlinks is not enough. One needs to analyze them to know whether they're working as expected or not. For that, we have our Backlink Checker Tool.


Backlinks are the links placed at different websites that redirect the user to your website. At times, they're one of the highest traffic bringers to your website. The search engine rank of the websites that have quality backlinks is higher than the websites that don't have them. Whoever is managing your website needs to check the quantity and quality of the backlinks regularly. 

Just having a high number of backlinks is not enough. They should have some connection to the content of your website. The search engines don't factor in the number of backlinks. They check whether they're relevant to what your website has got to offer. Also, the backlinks need to be placed on popular websites that are related to your business. Only then they will improve the ranking of your website.


The backlink has to be placed on a website that is relevant to your business. For example, someone is for a restaurant in Bangalore and a food blogger's article leads the user to your website, that's a quality backline as it's irrefutably relevant to your business and will bring in users that are potential customers. 
But if the backlink is placed on a shopping portal, that doesn't help your SEO. Neither does it bring relevant traffic to your website. The number of backlinks doesn't matter. What matters is the placement and the host website's popularity and connection to your business. The best results come from websites that have some authority in the market. For example, if you want to sell properties in India, you need to have backlinks placed in portals like Magicbricks and 99 Acres.


Consistency is the key to generate quality backlinks. You have to do regular press releases and submit them to media sites. If they get redistributed by the media sites, that becomes a backlink to your website. Also, keep putting out blog posts regarding the latest developments in your industry/business. Some of the quality posts might become viral and might create a lot of quality backlinks for you. Social Media Pages are considered quality backlinks. Even on your website, there should be plugins that take people to your social media profiles. The content has to be relatable and informative. That would compel other websites to cite your webpage as a citation and recommend people to go through it.

Like we mentioned in the beginning, consistency is the key, so are persistence and patience. The backlinks will not generate traffic for your website overnight. You need continuously keep at it, and over time results will come. The internet is a crowded place, and it takes a continuous investment of time and effort for any website to stand out. 


  • Relevance
  • The popularity of the host website
  • The authority that the website has on the market/segment
  • Subtlety (The placement should not be blatant, but instead, it should softly nudge the customer towards clicking on the link)
  • Generated organically (Don't fall for getting thousands of backlinks at a certain cost. It's counterproductive. Quality backlinks are the ones that get generated organically). 


It takes time to make your website popular. Backlinks are the only way you can piggyback on the popularity of established websites that rank high on the search engines. It's not just imperative to your SEO strategy but is also a crucial part of your PR and Marketing overall. A backlink on a popular makes your website appear above in search engines, and a backlink on a reputed website having authority in the industry makes you look credible.

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