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This free online automatic Backlink Maker or Generator tool create large number of high authority backlinks for your website or blog. To use this Backlink Maker tool, pls. enter a domain name (example- into the text box below, and then click on the "Submit" button to get the result.

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About Backlink Maker Tool

Backlink Maker Tool: Increase Your Website's Search Visibility

What are backlinks?

As the name suggests, backlinks are the hyperlinks on other domains that lead to your website. Also called inbound links and in links, they are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. The more backlinks you have led to your site, the better visibility you get in search engine pages.

Backlinks for the search engines act like a recommendation from the site hosting it. It increases the credibility of the website on the search engine. If your backlinks are present on highly ranked sites, search engines will deem your website to be worthy of being shown higher in the search results.

More backlinks mean that your website will show up in more searches, thereby bringing more unique visitors to your website and therefore leading to an increase in the number of customers acquired through the website. Mathematically, we can write more quality backlinks = more traffics = more customers = more revenue.

Key Points:

  • Backlinks increase your site popularity on the web.
  • It is also known as inbound links, incoming links, and inlinks.
  • It is one of the most important SEO factors that increase your site performance in search engine.
  • More quality backlinks ultimate reflects your website better in SERPs.
  • Backlinks established direct relation with revenue in terms of online businesses. 
  • Ultimate goal of backlinks are to achieve higher traffic and ranking for your website.

Free Online Backlink Maker Tool:

Backlink maker is the number one rated tool for creating quality backlinks for your website. Embedded with the best SEO algorithms and made using Google's recommended link building guidelines, links created through Backlink Maker will improve the position of your website in web pages.

With the Backlink Maker tool, you can generate a high number of unique backlinks within a matter of seconds. It's easy to use and only requires one to enter their website URL. You don't have to break your head in identifying the right keywords for backlinks.

Search Engine Optimization is such that it permits you to submit your website to many highly rated PR Sites. It also does backlink indexing that makes sure that webpages with your backlinks on popular sites show up in search results.

Key Points:

  • It is 100% free online tool also known as Backlink Generator tool.
  • Plays an important role in competitor analysis.
  • Generates useful quality SEO backlinks instantly.
  • Used for building multiple backlinks. 

Building Backlinks organically:

  1. The internal linking on your webpages and should be user-friendly. Anyone scrolling through your webpage or the webpage on which your backlink is there should be able to access the relevant link easily that will take them to the page with more info.
  2. Write testimonials for sites that are hosting your backlinks. That will further elevate your ranking on search engines.
  3. Become a guest blogger on popular sites. Make sure that you put links to your social media handles as well so that the people visiting the webpage can check out your profile.
  4. Engage with sites that do interviews in podcasts and share information about yourself and your venture. Inquiries that will come through it will be high quality as they already have a lot of info about your products & services.
  5. Use influencers and journalists to spread the word about your venture.
  6. Create quality infographics with information relevant to your business. An interesting infographic has the potential to go viral. If it does, it'll create a lot of traction for your brand and business.
  7. Keep track of your competitors. See where they're getting their work featured. What works for them will also work for you. Sometimes, the best way to keep a tab on the market is to keep an eye on your competitors.

How to Use Backlink Maker Tool? 

Copy the link to your website and paste it on the box that says "Domain Name". The Backlink Maker tool has a list of sites on which the backlink will get posted. The details of the sites and the analytics will be available for you to see so that you get to know which backlinks are the most effective. You can track the number of backlinks currently functional, the number of clicks on each of these, and the number of unique visitors those backlinks brought to your site. That's perhaps the best part about using the Backlink Maker Tool that you get to see the working specifics of the backlinks in a detailed manner.

Steps to use Backlink Maker tool:

Steps 1: Choose your webpages or domain name for which you want to create backlinks.
Steps 2: Enter your webpages URL or domain name with http:// or https:// into the text box. (For an example: or or or
Steps 3: Click on the “Submit” button to get the result.

After clicking on the “Submit” button, you will get pages contain backlink on left-hand side and its status on the right-hand side. Pages contain backlink serves the information about backlink created by external websites and the status shows whether links are created successfully or not. Here, you will get more than 50 backlinks instantly without any hard work SEO. If you want to try for other webpages URL or domain name then just click on the “Try New URL” button and repeat the above steps again to get the result.