Broken Links Finder Tool

The tool finds out whether your website has any broken links or not. It’s an extremely efficient tool as it generates a detailed report of every URL of a website. All internal and external links get listed with their current status. Just enter the domain name and get the report.

About Broken Links Checker Tool

The broken links checker or finder is an immensely helpful tool that aims to check the health of a website domain name and its internal and external links. Although, for small website owners, identifying if any page is not working is not any complex job - for those with larger websites this kind of check process happens to be challenging.

However, if broken links are not identified and fixed immediately, it can toll heavily on your ranking and customer base. Here comes the broken link check tool for your assistance. How it helps you… to know more about the tool continue reading the article.

The good news is that the checker tool is available free of cost and enables you to have access to it continually without having to install it on your computer or paying to those portals that are chargeable.

What Is Broken Links Checker Tool?

Broken Links Checker is a unique tool that helps you ensure if your website link and the internal links and external links related that it has contains any broken link. The tool is designed to pinpoint the integrity of the links by entering the domain name of your website.

Given that, broken links are acknowledged as one of the leading causes that affect your page ranking, users’ experience, and reputation of your business – why not prevent your business from possible digital marketing collapse by adopting the utility of this unique tool on regular basis?

What Does Broken Links Checker Tool Do?

The broken links checker helps you track if your website has any broken links in the fastest and easiest way and facilitates in making every link on your website up to date. But why using it is so important? Put simply, on clicking your website link while it’s supposed to take a visitor to that particular page, if another page displays a ‘ Page Not Found’ (404 error) -that is called a broken link. 

The broken check tool is designed to avoid such scenarios by helping you check your website for broken links, - simply by putting the URL of your website in the blank space provided by the tool and pressing the ‘Submit’. It will instantly show the status of all links that your website has.

Why Can We Need A Broken Links Checker Tool?

Some of the leading causes that we should use a broken links checker tool include

  • While updating a new page on the website needs to be crawled by the search engine for indexing, the crawlers cannot index a page for appropriate ranking if it finds difficulty checking the page of your website due to broken link while making your SEO endeavor unsuccessful. 
  • As stated, websites with broken that crawlers cannot index properly affect the traffic of the website. With multiple options of similar products and services out there, internet users will skip to your competitor’s page without even complaining about the page problem.
  • Checking the broken line frequently is a must especially if your website contains external links. If the websites that get you backlinks reputable sites rearranged address or removed the page without providing any information to you, the broken page link will automatically affect your conversion rate due to its negative impact.
  • The websites that remain unchanged for the long-term without any update can hardly identify which page is broken. Users complain in this issue affects the reputation of a website.

How Does Broken Links Checker Tool Work?

The broken links checker tool scans your whole website including its domain name and all internal and external links that it contains and within a few seconds it displays the status of all links. The status report is displayed in an organized format with different codes like 404, 302, 301, 200 etc and highlighting which links are okay, which are broken or moved. 

Typically as the number of pages of your website multiplies so the links continue to increase including hyperlinks. While keeping track of those links on a regular interval is vital, the task is not only difficult but time-consuming too. The check tool uses its unique algorithm while processing your request and instantly shows the result. 

Users Input Data

Users Output Data

Importance of Broken Links Checker Tool

The importance of adopting the broken link checker tool can be determined from the viewpoint of different individuals. Let’s have a look into how differently the tool can serve them: 

From SEO Viewpoint: Being an SEO, you understand how critical it is to keep your web ranking unaffected. This requires you to have an eye to various factors that can affect the traffic and sale of your product or services. If you’re looking for an effective tool to check every page link in the fastest and easiest way, then there is no second choice of a broken link checker tool. Not only does it makes the whole process seamless and relaxing for you but takes minimum time while restoring your website reputation unharmed. 
Apart from affecting the ranking, a broken page link that shows ‘404’ or ‘ page not found’ error message is quite disappointing for visitors who can write negative remarks or negative star rating appears with web address can affect your business drastically. To avoid this, the use of a broken link checker tool on regular basis is essential.

From A Website Owner Viewpoint: Rather than depending on your digital marketing team always, it makes sense for website owners to check the integrity of your website and ensure functioning perfectly. In case, you notice a sudden decrease in website traffic, simply open the broken link checker tool and entire website. If any problem like ‘404’ occurs, immediately contact the service provider for necessary rectification ASAP. 

Advantages of Broken Links Checker

Rather than wasting your priceless hours to check each and every link on your website to ensure if there is any broken link, using the broken link checker tool benefits you not only by faster identification of the problem and save your time but also to keep your page ranking unaffected. 

  • This smart SEO tool is accessible free and works amazingly faster by crawling links to the entire website while showing you the results instantly in an organized way. 
  • The tool is absolutely free and accessible for endless times.
  • User-friendly.

Why Do Using Broken Links Checker Is Sensible For Digital Marketing Success?

When it comes to search engine ranking, the effect of broken links tends to be extremely destructive. Aka dead links, broken links appear on the screen with 404 error - with ‘page not found message’. 404 links typically mean that the website is shut down or the 3rd party link URLs have been altered.

Ranking loses not only mean loss of valued visitors but the loss of your page integrity that toll on your business reputation greatly. If you own a voluminous website with multiple pages with too many external and internal links, it would be quite difficult for you to locate which link is and which is okay. Among the leading causes that lead to broken links include 

  • Flawed spelling in link building
  • The page does no longer exists given the administrator has changed the domain address or simply removed it.
  • Technical faults made by the administrator in using the webmaster tool.
  • The webpage has been outdated.

Precisely, broken links of your webpage or its external or internal links stop users from accessing your website affect page ranking and traffic and thereby prevent you from getting your digital marketing success. So, it always makes sense to use this free broken link checker tool that helps you identify the errors and accordingly address them with your service provider. 

What Happens If Your Site Has Broken Links?

Broken links of your site prevent all search engines to crawl the page while damaging the ranking of your site severely. Being incapable to index the page it displays a page with a 404 error ‘Page Not Found message to its visitors. Eventually, it lessens the CTR rate of your page and destructs your entire SEO endeavor. 

Regular use of the broken link check tool helps you analyze if your website domain name and both its internal and external links are well functional or not.   

Steps To Use Broken Links Checker Tool 

A broken links checker is reasonably easy to operate. Simply follow the steps below: 

  1. On browsing the broken links checker tool and it will ask to enter the URL.
  2. Open the problematic website, copy its domain name from the home page, and paste it into the search box of the tool. 
  3. Now, press the ‘Submit’ button to execute. 
  4. Further, if you need to check broken links for some other domain name, then simply click on ‘Try New URL’ button and repeat the steps above and get the new results. 

The process will start and the results will display a table showing three result categories as below:

While the 1st section demonstrates - all link URLs associated with the website, the 2nd section displays the status code for all related links related to the page. And, the 3rd section showing the status of those links with associated URLs including (the external links that belong to other domains) or (internal links owned by your website) and confirms if they are broken or working fine. 

Accordingly, all internal and external link statuses will display codes 200, 301, 302, 404 along with other server codes. If you notice any links representing 404 errors, then they should be acknowledged as broken links. 


Especially those who own fairly large websites with a plethora of pages consisting of numerous internal and external links can save time, money, and business by using this free broken links checker tool.  

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