Bulk GEO IP Locator Tool

At times, knowing the geographics of an IP address is handy to gauge from where the traffic is coming. This tool provides all details one needs (including city, region, country, country code, latitude and longitude) to gauge the source of the IP. Up to 20 IP addresses can be checked.

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About Bulk GEO IP Locator Tool

An IP stands for Internet protocol refers to a unique address identifying a device or, in other sense, its user connected on the internet. Involving with a string of numeric figures separated by 4 sections by dots each IP address signifies lots of information about the individual. Being a digital marketer, if you want to approach your target audience via the internet, what you need is the IP address.

Now the question that arises is how such an IP address can be used to track the vital geo-location information of an individual? The answer is the Bulk GEO IP lookup online tool. Consequently, such information can be brilliantly used to make customized business promotional plans and strategies to gain a competitive edge. To know more about the tool, continue reading the article…

What is Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool?

As its name implies, the tool has an amazing capability to process a collection of IP addresses simultaneously and display the desired result of the information in a well-structured table. You can access the tool online free of cost and can input up to 20 IP addresses for processing at a time.

With the help of this tool, you can easily track the location of multiple IP addresses and their geographical details in just one click. You can also identify and analyze from which geographical location web traffic is coming in your site.

The whole purpose of adopting a bulk GPO IP tool is to explore the geographical location of a bunch of individuals connected to your business website via their IP address. Accessible for 24X7, the tool can be used as many times as you need and so, using this tool is sensible because it doesn’t need to download any special tool or software expending your hard-earned money.

What Does Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool Do?

Bulk Geo IP lookup, in essence, is a location tracker designed to locate a batch of the geographical detail of IP addresses that are assigned to the users of the internet in one click. The tool can be helpful and valuable especially to professionals involved in the digital marketing domain or businesses who often need to find the location of customers and visitors to their business websites to devise customized marketing strategies.

Understanding the Significance of Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool

When it comes to the gigantic virtual internet world, every individual possesses two distinct addresses where one can be approached. While the first one refers to their residential addresses where one can visit them physically, the second one is their IP (acronym- Internet Protocol) address where they can be met virtually. Although, the existence of IP is not anything new and was mainly limited among computer users, however, with the advent and ever-increasing number of smartphone users, and fast popularity of digital marketing the significance of IP address has never been felt so intensely.

Meanwhile, most likely you are well-aware pertaining to Geo IP lookup tools - designed to fetch information about any single IP address. Now, you will explore its more powerful counterpart to discover IP addresses in bulk.

How Does Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool Work?

Being fairly easy to operate, bulk geo IP lookup tool doesn’t demand any special skill or technical know-how to work on it. All it needs you to find the IP addresses of visitors who are connected to your website or stored in the database. On searching - browse any of the bulk GEO IP lookup tools that offer free services and you will find a blank space into the tool interface that needs you to enter the IP addresses. 

Copy a maximum of 20 IP addresses from the database and then paste them into that space. Make sure that each address is separated from another with a dot. On submission of your request, the tool starts processing and executes the result  displaying in a tabular form whereas the first column shows the IP addresses entered by you with details of City, Region, Country, Country Code, ISP, Latitude, and Longitude.

Why Should We Use Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool?

You need to use this unique tool to reach the following objectives:

To know users locations

In the digital marketing era, knowing the locations of users helps digital marketers formulate great marketing strategies to fetch maximum possible visitors via organic, PPC, or social media sites. It’s an important criterion for digital marketers to make their online marketing endeavor a success because the demand of every product and service usually vary based on various factors one of which is location. Using the bulk Geo IP lookup tool facilitates you to categorize the visitors to your website based on their geographical locations and thus helps gain an insight into the success or failure of your marketing campaign.

To Formulate Future Marketing Strategies

You need to devise custom marketing strategies on the basis of the number of users in different locations. What makes bulk IP lookup tool unique is that it provides marketers an insight into the locations with bulk users as well as areas where the number of users of your product or services is much lesser than your expectation. It’s an extremely helpful database that facilitates businesses to formulate their upcoming marketing strategy in a well-informed way and consolidate markets where you have a strong presence and equally enhance response from areas with reduced market access./p>

To Keep Important Business Record

Being involved in an online business via your website, monitoring its performance on a regular basis is most essential. Having a close track of the number of visitors to your site regularly makes it easier to evaluate the trend of fluctuations in the numbers of visitors at different times. Contextually, the increase and decrease or the varying number of visitors to any website is a normal phenomenon.

Thus, adopting an online bulk geo IP lookup tool to track and record the trend of visitors in 24-hour format regularly will help you make a comparative data analysis after a couple of days. Once recorded, it becomes an invaluable database to forecast as well as modify your marketing strategy to bring a steadier balance in visitors’ rates.

To Save Time and Stop Human Error

Most businesses from corporate to SMEs keep track of both incoming as well as outgoing (applicable to some businesses) network traffic. This typically counts to thousands of IP addresses every single day. Not only checking their locations one by one is time-consuming but also vulnerable to human error. This is why using bulk GPO IP lookups tool makes sense.

Importance of Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool from Different Perspective

A Digital Marketer

Amidst the multiple tools and ways that digital marketers pursue to ensure that their marketing strategies are moving in the right direction, one is certainly the bulk geo IP lookup tool. What you invest in your marketing campaign especially when you enter into a new market segment needs to be justified with its ROI.

So, followed by the execution of your product campaign for a few weeks, make sure to use this unique tool to evaluate the trend of visitors vs. conversion rate that helps you understand whether or not the customers there are interested in your product or services. Accordingly, you need to understand the lacking areas of your promotional plan and modify it according to the need to make your project a success. 

A Website Owner

As a website owner, you need to gain insight into the success and standing of your website. Using the bulk geo IP lookup tool helps explore the IP addresses accessing your website keenly. The tool also helps you evaluate whether or not your website is performing according to your expectation.

Advantages of Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool

  • Helps identify your most potential markets and thus enables you to customize your marketing strategies and campaigns matching them.
  • Helps you personalize your website contents, customize products and services according to the preferences of your target audience to any specific location.
  • Enables businesses to reinforce their security systems and solutions backed by analysis of their threat intelligence sources to the IP geo-location data. 
  • The tool is free of cost, accessible 24 X 7, and can be used for times without any restriction. 

Steps to Use Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool

In order to fetch Geographical details of your target audience, this easy to use tool needs you to follow the steps below:

Browse the tool and you will find the interface with a space that asks you to input ‘IP addresses’

  1. Copy the IP addresses connected to your domain or stored in the database 
  2. Paste them into the blank space with a dot between each IP address 
  3. Click the ‘Submit’ Button 
  4. The tool also shows ‘Export As CSV ‘and ‘Try New IP’ 

On submission of your request, the tool scans your search request and displays you the information details

  • City
  • Region 
  • Country
  • Country Code 
  • ISP 
  • Latitude 
  • Longitude 

The database displays in a tabular form along with each IP address.

If you have more IP addresses to find their location details click on ‘Try new IP’ while to save the database in tabulated form, you need to press ‘Export as CSV’ button. 


Most possibly, now you understand the importance of using the tool in your online business success. While more and more businesses now put emphasis on customized business promotional plans -make sure to use bulk GPO IP Lookup tool on regular basis right away and bolster competitive advantage. 

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