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This extremely user-friendly and easy to use tool generates the exact code to text ratio on a webpage. Search Engines keep a close eye on this ratio and you should as well. So, employ this tool to your advantage. Enter the URL and get the ratio.

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About Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool

Being involved in the digital marketing industry, regardless of your specialization area, you understand the importance of a fast-loading page that helps drive web traffic and rank optimization. Unfortunately, web searchers are least interested to spend time for a sluggish website to load which leads to bounce rate and consequently makes your web rank suffer.

Giant search engines like Google prioritize users experience (UX) as a major parameter before placing any page on its SERP ranking. So, if you are worried about your slow loading page make sure to check the code to text ratio of every page that your website has. Why? It’s because having a page with heavier HTML code compared to its text could affect its page loading speed.

The code to text ratio checker, amidst the most popularly used user-friendly SEO tool is available online and enables you to access it free of cost innumerable times without any restrictions for 24x7. Feels interesting! Well, keep reading to know more.

What is the Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool?

The code to text ratio is, in essence, the percentage of the text relevancy of a specific web page as compared to its HTML code that is rooted in the page. Remember, the higher is the text to HTML ratio, the healthier is user experience.

In a nutshell, having a higher amount and relevancy of text to code ratio eventually increases the possibility of getting a better rank. On the contrary, using more than the desired HTML code to the amount of its text will result in a slower loading page, user dissatisfaction, increased bounce rate and impacts greatly on your web ranking. Note with care,  before indexing the page, search engine crawlers evaluate the percentage of a web page on the basis of code to text ratio, thereby offers a higher ranking over your rival companies if it computes that your web page has higher text to HTML ratio.

This is why make sure to check the percentage of every single page of a website with a free code to text ratio checker tool before launching, modifying, adding, or posting any page.

What Does Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool Do?

The code to text ratio checker tool needs you to input the URL of the target web page in the search box of its interface. On submission of the URL, it uses its algorithm to analyze both the content and code ratio and thereby calculates page percentage and displays the result.

Among various aspects that determine the search engine ranking one of them is code to text ratio that specifically look at the relevancy of each of your web page that it consists. The superior relevancy of the page in terms of its amount and information – makes it influential in gaining the preference of search engines in the course of ranking.

Why Should We Use Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool?

Using of code to text checker tool in your web development and digital marketing endeavors can be incredibly helpful to gain success. Let’s see why we should use this great tool.

Having fast-loading websites

Professionals involved in web development domains need to ensure consistency of each page in website by using code to ratio checker tool once the page is developed, modified, or new page added to their clients' websites to create fast-loading pages that increase traffic, appeal to users to revisit the page and helps in the rank building.

To persuade crawlers

Typically, while indexing the URL of web pages before ranking them, search engine crawlers compute the percentage of the page on the basis of its code to text ratio. Remember, any lack of desired balance of code and text will impact your page ranking greatly and negatively. So, in order to gain optimized ranking on SERP, make sure to use the tool.

Enhance users’ experience

Since better UX and optimization of your website go hand to hand, analyzing the percentage of pages through code to text checker tool is a sensible idea. Because having a steady page percentage ensures superior user experience with analysis of code to text ratio you can gain a competitive advantage in this cut-throat digital market.

How Does the Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool Works?

In order to identify the web page percentage with a code to text ratio checker, users need to understand how it works and the procedure to follow. For this, you need to search the tool online that doesn’t need you to pay anything. Now if you discover, any of your web pages are slow loading, to check the page’s percentage, browse the tool. The search box of the tool has a space where you need to copy-paste the URL of the target page. It will also want you to fill the captcha (code verification) and once done, on submission of your request, the tool algorithm starts scanning the page and then displays the result in the following manner

  • Code to text ratio % 
  • Size of HTML coding in Bytes
  • Size of Text in Bytes

The percentage of the page is calculated on the basis of the code to text ratio. The tool also enables you to verify code to text percentage of infinite numbers of pages according to your need.

Significance of Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool

Every website consists of two fasciae one of which is the portion that the users view on the screen, aka front end, while its back end works behind the screen involves typically the codes written in HTML by the developers that make the text visible on the page.

The code to text ratio measures the amount and consistency of the text while comparing it to the amount of HTML codes that are used for displaying it. According to experts, a good text to HTML ratio is one that displays the page’s percentage within 25 to 70. Apart from HTML - consisting of other coding languages like JavaScript and CSS of the back end part determines the perfect functioning of the website enabling its fast loading ability. Similarly, the front part encompasses the text portion, links aside from multimedia for providing needed information to uses.

Now, being a web developer, website owner, or digital marketer, you need to make sure to maintain the desired balance between code and text in terms of their volume and relevancy for making your website run smoothly. If the HTML coding becomes heavier than the amount of text, it will lead to a slow loading page. The tool is designed capable to verify the ratio of every web individually and infinitely.

Importance of Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool

We can evaluate the importance of this unique tool from different viewpoints as stated below:

SEO Experts

Undergoing successful SEO strategies is the key to optimizing the websites of your client while adhering to the strict parameters of search engines. The code to text ratio checker is one of those vital SEO tools using of which ascertains that your SEO practices are moving in the right direction. Every time you post new content and blogs, compute the page’s percentage via code to text ratio checker to ensure the crawlers index them easily and retain the stability of your client’s website ranking. Else, it will not only affect the ranking of your client's website but your reputation as well.

Web Developer

Being a web developer no one other than you can understand the significance of maintaining sufficient loading speed of the web pages to boost UX and page ranking. Because your job is closely related to using coding languages including HTML, any imbalance in code to text ratio could be a major concerning factor affecting the performance of the website you develop. To prevent websites of your clients from loading much slower than they should be that increases bounce rate affects traffic and web ranking, use code to text ratio checker to ascertain that HTML codes used are not heavier than the pages text part.

Website Owner

Having an insight into online marketing strategies for website owners who chiefly depend on website developers and digital markets is important for their business success. In case you find that your website is not getting rank, it's ideal to check the percentage of every page of your website with this tool which can help you identify the reason like slow loading page due to the excess uses of HTML coding that typically affect your ranking. Accordingly, you can speak to your digital marketing service providers to take the necessary steps or skip to some other company.

Advantages of Code to Text Ratio Checker tool

  • It helps digital marketers to analyze the occurrence of imbalance in the code to text ratio and thus enables to improve the text part as well as eliminate the volume of code to gain higher page speed and optimize ranking.
  • Helps ensure the consistency and ability of the page to drive traffic. 
  • An immensely helpful SEO tool to optimize page ranking.
  • Helps crawlers for easy and effective indexing.
  • Helps boost user experience; 
  • The tool is accessible 24x7 free of cost and for endless times according to your need.

Steps to Use Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool

Notably, the tool can help you instantly check the percentage of the text vs. HTML code enabling you to higher to text part or making it more relevant to the subject matter that accelerate the page’s speed. To do this, the tool needs you to follow the steps below

  1. Browse the tool and view the interface that asks ‘Enter the URL’
  2. Copy the URL of the target page and paste it into the search box
  3. Click on ‘Submit’ button
  4. The tool again asks ‘Try new URL’

The tool accepts your request and takes 2-3 seconds for scanning the relevant webpage and display the code to text ratio in percentage as well as text content size and total HTML code size in bytes.


After the discussion, we can understand the great importance of using the code to text ratio checker tool that helps evaluate the percentage of any web page. Since having a greater text to its HTML ratio increases the page speed and chance of having a higher page ranking with increased traffic never forget to use the tool for your online marketing success. 

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