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An essential aspect of website analysis is to find its hosting details. The Domain to IP Tool does just that. It provides the IP address, location information and ISP provider of the website. To get these details simply enter the URL in the space provided below and click "Submit."

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Domain into IP tool convert your domain name into website IP address with hosting details i.e, website hosting server provider name with its country location.

There can be a lot of reasons to convert a domain into IP. Some of the reasons are to know what a website's IP Address is, where is it being hosted from, and who is the web hosting provider.

Vendors who sell domain names can also be just resellers for some other hosting company that might be located in a different continent altogether. IP Address will help you figure out the original location of the domain name.


IP is the short form for Internet Protocol.

IP Address means the Internet Protocol Address. It is the most unique identifier of a device or network. Think of it as a unique postal address for devices. Two devices exchange information on the internet using the IP Address.


Like said above, the IP Address is the most unique thing about a device or network. Only by knowing the IP Address, you'll get to know the hosting location of the domain that you've purchased or any other domain you're looking up on the internet. You need to know who's hosting the website you own. Because for issues like loading time, or the website not loading at all, you'll have to get in touch with the hosting service provider.

When your competitor's website is faster than yours, you'd want to know the reason behind it. You'd want to know who's the hosting service provider for your competitor. Based on how your website fares against your competitors, you can take a call whether you want to stick to your current operator or switch to a better one.

The US has the cheapest internet rates. That's the reason why most of the web hosting providers are located there. They have multiple fiber-optic lines and, therefore their cost and speed are unmatched.


Ours is one of the easiest tools to use amongst the ones available. All you have to do is enter the URL and, it'll show you the IP Address right away. Not just that, you'll be able to see the domain name, country, and the internet service provider as well. With no time and effort wasted, you have all the information you need in the palm of your hand.


Every time anyone visits a website, the hit goes to the IP Addresses which are readable by the Search Engines. Also, Search Engines tend to link IP Addresses that are related to your website and, you might see irrelevant links getting connected to your website. To maintain the integrity of your website, you need to get rid of those links using the disavow tool.

There might be some relevant links, that'll just be awaiting your approval. You can check the IP Address of those using our tool before approving them.

Another layer of security that our tool provides is that it gives you the power to identify unprotected IP Addresses. You can avoid them to keep your website secure.

Also, by converting a domain into an IP address, you can identify and avoid unprotected IP addresses to keep your website secure. Secure IP Addresses get a higher Google Search Ranking.

Also, in case your website gets infected by a virus, you can figure the IP Address, Internet Service Provider, and the country of origin of the infected domain. You can block that domain forever from your website. It will also help you identify IP Addresses from locations where you have no customers, but the websites hosted from that location are infected with viruses. You can block all the IP Addresses from that particular geographic location.

Knowing the IP Address helps you in a two-pronged manner. First, it helps to keep your website secure. Secondly, it helps with the search ranking of your website. Need we way more to convince you to use it?

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