Email Privacy Tool

The Email Privacy Tool fetches the email linked to a website. Email is a medium to contact a website regarding a prospective collaboration, place an order or to get details of its services. The email from this tool helps you initiate the discussion. Enter the website URL and fetch the email.

About Email Privacy Checker Tool

With the fast-evolving technology, it has become all the time more challenging for businesses to keep their sensitive business data secure on their website. In the competitive digital market, often you become a target to your rival companies who attempt to damage or access your most vital personal and customer’s information by spamming or hacking your website using their IT service providers.

To stay protected from such unethical damages or stealing your information, checking the safety of your website with an email privacy checker is a matchless tool for you.

You will be happy to know that the online tool is all time accessible and that too, without requiring you to pay even a penny or download any costly software. To know more about the tool, continue reading.

What Is Email Privacy Checker Tool?

An email privacy checker is an effective online tool used widely by website owners, SEOs, and IT service providers to ensure the security of their or their client’s website from unwanted hacking or spamming. With its high prowess, the tool crawls through each web page of the specific website to identify if any anonymous email address has an existence on the site. If any suspicious email address is located, you can remove the same with the assistance of your service provider or the developer of the website.

By putting the URL of the website into the user interface of the online tool, it gets you the results within a few seconds. The user interface is fairly user-friendly and without the need of downloading any special software; you can use this effective tool free of cost.

What Does Email Privacy Checker Tool Do?

Web security is important to keep hackers and cyber thieves from accessing sensitive information. Notably, email is the most vital business id and also a gateway that keeps a website at high risk when being exposed on the web world during online marketing to possible hacking and spamming.

This is why website owners, SEOs, or Service providers should use the email privacy checker tool which is capable to show the security status of the website by displaying ‘ no email found’ or the detail of email if anyone is located. By using your website URL as an input on the query space of the interface of the tool and submitting your request, the tool checks the site instantly and displays the result.

Why Should You Need the Email Privacy Checker Tool?

Needless to say, the website is an invaluable asset to anyone whether involved in business or profession. However, having an access to the web world is equally susceptible to security threats with the ever-increasing amount of hacking and scamming which is likely to be awfully detrimental for your business. To prevent your business or profession from such frustrating incidence, you need to use an email privacy checker tool on regular basis to ensure the security of your valued website.

If you are an SEO expert or web developer- protecting your client's website from all sorts of hacking and cyber threats is one of your primary business responsibilities. The advantage of this online free tool is that it’s reliable and provides accurate information in terms of your client’s web security. If a hacker attempts to find out your email ID for spamming or hacking, using this tool will help you find the email address of the unwanted hacker instantly, and accordingly, you can take the needed steps to deter the invader.

How Does Email Privacy Checker Tool Work?

To ensure if your website is unethically hacked, deploying the email privacy checker is a consistent approach. The tool requires you to insert the website domain name in its interface. On clicking the ‘submit’ button, it will start processing and crawl all pages of the website and then display the result almost instantly.

If any anonymous email address is detected by the checker it will show the details of those email addresses on the page otherwise will show a message ‘no email found’. The tool provides you 100% unflawed information that you can rely on. In case it’s hacked, without any delay get o your web developer for necessary assistance.

The Significance of Email Privacy Checker Tool

Aka web data extraction, web scraping is a procedure widely used by developers and marketers while extracting data on a larger scale towards their business promotion. Being aware that your email id is amid the most vital information that a web scraper might be hunting for to gain leads for their business, ensuring the privacy of your email should be your major concern. This is why make certain to use an email privacy checker to discover if your email is protected or in need of a rescue.

Being in the business with a website, it is quite possible that you will display business email or phone number on your contact page and will use it frequently while interacting with your customers, vendors, or stakeholders. Once your email is exposed to the web world, your business data become vulnerable and can be misused by spammers and hackers. Email privacy checker tool is greatly helpful by identifying an anonymous email of someone who is trying to access your business information. In that case, you need to contact your developer to destroy the possible invader.

A Guide To Safeguard Your Email

You can take various security measures at the forefront to ensure the protection of your website from all possible threats of spamming and hacking. Make sure to take the precautions as stated below:-

  • Use a powerful password in the combination of alphanumeric, numeric, and special characters like # % $, etc.
  • To the password brawnier, consider a blend of UPPER case and lower case alphabets. For example- Gk8#Nh$b%
  • Verify your email service provider’s privacy settings to ensure absolute safety.
  • Make sure to stick to incognito mode whereas you access your e-mail account via any computer used in a public place.
  • Continue modifying your password; however, avoid doing so through the link which has been provided by the service provider. It could be a trap to pinch the details.

Importance of Email Privacy Checker Tool

The importance of the email privacy checker tool can be demonstrated from different viewpoints as stated below:

From an SEO viewpoint

For the business promotion of their clients, SEOs are required to contact multiple parties. Although the largest part of them is genuine, contacting someone unscrupulous with intend of hacking is not anything strange or new.

Using an email privacy checker helps SEOs to verify all incoming and outgoing emails with different email ids and also check if any of these emails contain any kind of malware or spyware.

Moreover, often spyware in the computer of a digital marketer can nip valued information or decrypt the files and thereby affect your website grossly which can be minimized with effective and habitual use of this excellent tool.

From a Web Developer viewpoint

Being a web developer, it’s one of your primary responsibilities to safeguard your client’s website from all kinds of susceptibilities that not only affect users’ experience but also the ranking of the page. By adopting the tool, you can have an eye to any sudden appearance of anonymous mail on the website and take the necessary steps to daunt the hacker.

Benefits of Email Privacy Checker Tool

  • The tool makes you benefited by protecting your website from unwanted spamming or hacking when you use it regularly.
  • Not only the tool helps you take defensive steps by detecting the existence of any email (if any) on your website but provides you mental peace too.
  • Helps leading businesspersons to stop rival companies from trying to hack their valuable data or damage them by the email address on their website.
  • The tool is absolutely free and doesn’t need you to download any special software and pay for it.
  • It is highly user-friendly and accessible for endless time for 24x 7 from anywhere.

Steps to Use the Email Privacy Checker Tool

The checker tool doesn’t require any technical expertise and even a layman can use it without any trouble. Steps you need to follow are stated below:

  1. Once you browse the tool, it shows an interface with space that asks for ‘Enter URL’.
  2. Copy the URL of your website and Paste it the black space
  3. Now press the button ‘Submit’
  4. The tool further display ‘Try new URL’

As you press submit, the tool starts crawling every page of the website and if no email id is identified, -it will show ‘No Email Found’, otherwise it will show the email id, which is existing on the site. Under such an event, you should take needed steps to crash the email with your web developer’s assistance.


With the above discussion, whether you are a website owner, SEO, or developer and service provider - can easily estimate the importance of using this great tool on a routine basis to ensure the absolute safety of your own or your client’s website.

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