Keyword Density Checker Tool

To check the keyword density of a targeted page is ahh, so boring! Well not anymore! This keyword density tool is here to save the all so precious time for writers, editors, web masters and the likes. Just enter the URL below, click Submit and get the data you want.


Keywords are a dicey thing. The optimum usage will improve your search rankings, while overuse will sink it. Keyword Density is crucial. If you use a keyword far too many times on your webpage, the search engines will detect it and thereby won't index it. Use it lesser times than needed, they'll not pick up the keyword enough number times to index it. You need to get the keyword density right. To do it right, you first need to know how many times a keyword appears on your webpage. How to do that accurately? Even if you know the number, how to figure out the areas of improvement? That's where our Keyword Density Checker comes into play.


To put it mathematically, it's the number of times a keyword appears on your web page vis a vis the total number of words. Ideal SEO Keyword Density is the ratio that'll make sure that your page gets indexed by Search Engines. And the keyword is captured by engines enough number of times. You can't overload content with keywords. Not only does it reduce the quality of the content, but search engines also can make out if a webpage has been over-optimized. Search Engines like Google penalize websites for keyword overload and spam content. Even if you've been able to figure out the best keywords for your webpage, you can't overuse them. A keyword density of 2-4% is considered optimum for most websites.


We've already explained above the importance of Keyword Density to Search Engine Optimization. To understand how to use it to your advantage, you need to know how it works.

None of the Search Engines have openly stated the impact keyword density has on a webpage's search rankings. But we all know, that if a webpage doesn't have the keyword, it won't appear in the search results when that keyword is searched. Now that we know that keywords are imperative to SEO, how to use them right?

That's where you need to understand keyword density. First and foremost, there is no single optimum percentage. Most experts suggest that the creator should write in a language that seems lucid, fluent, and to the point. Keywords should be in the back of the head while writing content, but it should not be the priority. Keywords should be a part of the text contextually, not by force. After writing the content, you can use the Keyword Density Checker to analyze whether it's overloaded or underloaded with keywords.

Keyword overload is a cardinal sin for SEO and a complete violation of Google's webmaster guidelines. If your webpage is overloaded with keywords, the search engine ranking would drop instead of going up. 

Our Keyword Density Checker helps you figure out whether you've overused keywords in your content. The percentage is visible in the Density Checker Table of our tool. It also shows you exactly how many times a keyword has been used, so that you can work on the specific keywords and reduce their frequency instead of we-writing the content.


  • It helps you get the best out of the keywords.
  • You can establish best practices for keyword usage and frequency. Once the best practices are established, you can create guidelines and distribute those to all your content writers.
  • It will help you analyze the keyword density of your competitors. You can check their keyword density and apply the same practices while drafting your content.
  • It'll also help you identify the keywords that your competitors are using that you might have missed.
  • There is no downloading or registering involved. Just go to the tool's webpage and start using it.


Once you've got the info needed from the tool regarding the density and frequency, immediately apply it to your webpages. Ideally, it should be done before publishing the webpage itself so that your webpage stands a strong chance of getting indexed right from the beginning. But one crucial thing you need to understand is that SEO practices like using the right Keyword Density can only make your content reach more people. Whether they like it or not, that depends on the quality. SEO is a crucial aspect of digital marketing, but your content is what matters in the long run. Engaging content becomes popular on the internet because the users distribute it. And search engines map that popularity and push it above the sites that are following better SEO practices, but the content quality is not equally high.

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