Keywords Suggestion Tool

Find the keywords you need and build highly relevant content around them with the use of this agile tool. Be it paid or organic search, this tool generates accurate and actionable keywords. Just enter a topic in the textbox provided below and instantly get the list of keywords generated.

About Keywords Suggestion Tools

Most buyers these days look for products or services online and for this; first of all, they type the keyword phrase with relevance to their desired commodity into the search box. On the other hand, the core objective of digital marketing is to reach the target audience by using specific keywords incorporated with broad-spectrum SEO techniques and tools.

By synchronizing the two above approaches, we find that keywords are predominantly the connectors that link digital marketers to their target audience. Thereby, identification of the relevant keywords relating to your business niche matters significantly to thrive in the digital marketplace. Here comes the keyword suggestion tool for your successful marketing campaign.

Sounds interesting! Well, let’s explore more about the tool.

What is a Keywords Suggestion Tool?

Living in the digital age, while searching for various products or services, consumers use varied keywords corresponding to their desire in the search box. The keyword suggestion tool is a highly powerful and brilliant web application software that can identify the most searched keywords on different products and services. So, precisely, the key objective of this tool is enabling SEOs, digital marketers, and webmasters to recognize those most relevant keywords that are top trending with any specific product or service that you intend to promote.

Factually, the practices of SEO has emerged as a nonstop process in the online marketing era, and for which  it uses varieties of keyword tools available on the web in order to generate their relevant keyword based on the ever-changing trends, competitor’s actions, and customers’ behaviors concurrently. Being an SEO expert or freelancer you will be amazed to know that you can access the keyword suggestion tool absolutely free of cost without the necessity of downloading any software for 24X7 endlessly without any restriction.

What Does Keywords Suggestion Tool Do?

The keyword suggestion tool uncovers the way to identify the industry-specific keywords and phrases that drive search traffic to your website on SERPs. It’s one of the proven tools for search engine optimization for your website. While the objective of performing keyword analysis is the best option to identify the top-chosen keywords and phrases that users search for on major search engines, the keyword suggestion tool displays you a list of the most popular keywords according to your search request and helps you pick up the best ones matching perfectly for your promotional success.

Why Should Uou Use the Keywords Suggestion Tool?

Now you can understand well that the keyword is, in essence, the foundation of your digital marketing success and without using it properly, your product campaigning can never attain the desired results. This is the reason why working with the keyword suggestion tool should be your priority. Let’s analyze our judgment from various perspectives.

From the viewpoint of SEO

As stated above, when it comes to SEO practices – employing the most effective keywords is indispensable because that helps them to build ranking in the organic search results. Contents incorporated with optimized keywords make it easy for crawlers in identifying and indexing your website at the top-ranking positions.

From the viewpoint of content writers

Often professional content writers and freelance writers need to research and find relevant keyword phrases including long-tail keywords and include them in the web pages, articles, and blogs to provide their clients the most potentially traffic generative contents with optimized ranking in result results.

How Does Keywords Suggestion Tool Work?

Typically, the keyword suggestion tool works utilizing its unique search algorithm capable to haul out the most popular keywords directly from the search engine list and brings you its results. The tool is so user-friendly that it doesn’t require any special technical skill to operate it. Say, you are looking for popular keywords on ‘computer repair’, which is related to your business. Now, on browsing the tool, you will notice an interface on it. According to your need type the above two words in the space.

On submission, the tool scans your request and displays a range of mostly-searched keywords like ‘computer repair near me’ ‘computer repair services’, computer repair shop near me’ etc. if you want to include the city or state name of your setting, just include that in your request and the tool will respond accordingly.

It’s perhaps one of the most effective and economic (literally, you can avail free-of-cost) ways to find and include the most well-liked keywords in your content or blogs that help you in rank building on SERPs, drive traffic to your website, and boost ROI.

Significance of Keywords Suggestion Tool in SEO

  • The key objective of SEO services is to gain a higher ranking in search engine results for their clients and thus serving them in their online marketing success. For this reason, they follow a wide range of SEO techniques and tools one of which is targeting the most appropriate and trending set of keywords. For example, if your customer is involved in dog training and obtains your SEO services, you need to use keywords like ‘ ‘best dog trainer’, ‘ dog trainer services near me’ ‘ famous dog trainer in Los Angeles’. By implementing such keywords and by adhering to the desired keyword density rule of search engine algorithm, quality content, and other SEO strategies, you can effectively help your customer to gain a top-ranking position.
  • Are you wondering about the necessity of finding the relevant keywords in your postings? Well if so, understand that all search engines, be it Google, Yahoo, Bing uses their distinct algorithm to determine the ranking of websites and content. Say, Google’s algorithms function while its crawler aka web spider finds and recognizes the nature of your business. In this process, the use of the right keywords plays a major role because it helps the spider to crawl your content or webpage while ranking.
  • Notably, the relevancy of keywords needs to persistently change depending on the search word preferences of the majority of searchers. And to recognize which keywords come in the higher ranking position or most chosen, the keyword suggestion tool can help you immensely to find the most appropriate keywords for your client’s business domain. Remember that the relevancy of your keyword not only gets you a higher ranking with the volume of traffic in organic search but also in enjoying low PPC for a higher CTR rate in paid marketing (SEM).

Importance of Keywords Suggestion Tool

  • In optimization of your content on the web world, once you fetch the most relevant keyword for your business via the keyword suggestion tool, incorporate such keywords with meta tags, title headings, subheadings, alt tags apart from your contents and in other areas. This can leverage your SEO endeavor and attain a higher ranking in both organic and PPC marketing.
  • The keyword suggestion tool also assists in identifying the utmost matching keywords relevant to your niche, when it comes to PPC marketing and makes it effective with the highest conversion rate in your internet marketing.
  • It’s just impossible to implement any keyword without ensuring whether or not it is relevant to your business and considering the current online search trends. Even if you follow the most desired SEO strategies confronting the search engine algorithm but use the least-searched keywords, it will be simply valueless. Make sure that you implement the most relevant keywords that it deserves. This is why using the keyword suggestion tool is so important for you.

Benefits of Keywords Suggestion Tool

  • The whole objective of the keyword suggestion tool is to extract and display the highest-searched keyword that has relevance to your business and helps you earn a higher-ranking position.  
  • The tool works amazingly faster and just after submission of your request, the tool brings you the highest-searched keywords in a fraction of seconds. 
  • For using the tool, you don’t have to pay anything because it’s completely free to cost. Moreover, by using the tool you can research n’ number of keywords without any restrictions. 
  • When it comes to reliability, the tool is 99.99% dependable and often considered as a great alternative to Google’s keyword planner while a plethora of dedicated tools is out there that need you to pay. 
  • It’s an exceptionally helpful tool for SEO experts, digital marketers, content marketers, and freelance content writers who often need to research and find relevant keywords for promoting their businesses online. 
  • Apart from helping you find relevant keywords, it can get you the desired long-tail keywords which are essential for search engine rankings.

Steps to Use the Keywords Suggestion Tool

The tool is incredibly user-friendly and versatile. To explore your desired keywords, what it needs you to do is to seek out the tool on the web and it will exhibit on the page with space that asks for ‘Enter Keyword’. (In fact, the tool needs you to just type one or two words keeping relevancy to your product or service)

  1. Decide the word promptly.
  2. Type the word in on the space.
  3. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to scan your request and execute the result.
  4. If you want to generate more keywords - press the ‘Try New Document’ button. 

On pressing the ‘Submit’ button, it will process your request and within 2-3 seconds will display you an array of the most-searched keywords to your business domain. 


To conclude, the emergence of the keyword suggestion tool has transformed the lives of SEOs, and digital marketers comfortable and thriving. Without this powerful tool, your entire online product marketing may go astray. It’s therefore sensible to research the trending keywords habitually to ensure your campaigning gets the leading position among competitors.

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