Link Analyzer Tool

How about having a tool at your disposal that keeps a track of the total links, internal links, external links and no-follow links associated with your website or blog. Well, the Link Analyzer Tool does just that. Just enter the URL below to get the details.


Embedding links and on a website/blog is an effective way to achieve quality SEO. But to make sure that those links contribute constructively to the search ranking of the website, regular analysis is imperative. For that, we have created the Link Analyzer Tool.


The tool detects the embedded links when a search bot is crawling the website. The tool analyzes both internal and external links. It's not possible to analyze the links of the entire website in one go. You will have to run all the webpages through the tool one by one. 


A lot of times, some of the links listed on the website become dead. With the website link checker, you'll be able to identify the deal links and remove them from the page. Dead links are detrimental to your SEO and search rankings. Any webpage that has dead links will eventually lose indexation and will go down in the search rankings. Removing deal links from your website is a great way of making sure that your content remains fresh and relevant, and thereby users tend to spend more time on your website.


  • It checks both inbound and outbound links.
  • It helps you analyze the quality & quantity of your links vis a vis your competitors.
  • Search engines identify the dead links and stop indexing them. Therefore, your website must have none of those. Search Engines also identify broken links and stop indexing them too. The link analyzer identifies so that you can fix or remove them.
  • The detailed analysis of the tool will help you identify links your competitor's website doesn't have. You can give yourself an edge in the search rankings by putting those links.
  • Content remains the king in the long run for your website to be popular and its search engine rankings. If the links on your website are fresh, unique, and relevant, you're bound to get more visitors. Instead of focussing only on the keywords and the SEO algorithm, make sure that people get to see something exciting and unique every time they visit your website. By using our tool, you'll know what your competitors don't have to offer, and you can focus on that.


  • The Link Analyzer Tool shows you a segregated table of internal and external links of your portal. If there are any hidden or spam links, the tool identifies those for you too.
  • It also shows you which websites are sending you traffic via backlinks.
  • It helps you identify which pages of your website are crucial and need your maximum attention. Those pages should have links that are working, relevant, and unique to improve their search engine ranking.
  • Extract the analysis of both inbound and outbound links. Keep a check of how many of those links are still functional and relevant to the current scenario.
  • All you need to do is enter the URL of the webpage you want to analyze. You cannot do a comprehensive analysis of the entire website. You have to do the link audit of all the web pages one by one. And that's the right way of doing it too. Only by running webpages one by one through our tool, you'll be able to pay attention to details and improve search rankings of webpages individually. We need to remember that search engines don't rank websites. They rank webpages.
  • It's a plug and play tool. You don't need to register to use it or download it. The interface is quite self-explanatory, and within minutes you'll be able to use it to make the best out of the inbound and outbound links of your website.

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