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Ever wondered which are the right keywords for your site and which are not? Simply use this Mozrank Checker Tool to track the performance and visibility of your site’s keywords on SERPs. Simply enter the URL for which the ranking needs to be checked and press Enter.

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About Moz Rank Checker Tool

The importance of having a higher ranking in SERPs cannot be overlooked because the organic ranking of your page is all that determines the worthiness of your webpage, bring traffic, increases conversion ratio while justifying your ROI. Every professional including webmasters, SEO experts, and website owners who are concern about page ranking can be benefited immensely by using the Moz rank checker tool that employs its unique algorithm designed to analyze and calculate the score point of a website or webpage.

The uniqueness of the tool is that depending on the domain or webpage authority and uprightness measured by how Google determines its rank, it tool calculates the potential of the site and rates the page with a score point. In essence, this score point helps you understand whether you are in a better or poor position in terms of gaining a higher rank on SERPs. The higher the score points the greater the chance while poor score points need to be addressed with better strategies to attain a higher score as well as ranking. You can also use the tool to compare your position to your competitors and build an effective SEO strategy to be on the competitive edge. Accessing the tool is absolutely free.

What is Moz Rank Checker Tool?

Moz Rank is among the most popularly used tools by SEO experts, webmasters, and digital marketers as a dependable metric to gauge the webpage authority, domain authority based on which the Moz tool evaluates the search engine optimization rating of a webpage or site. Precisely, created by Moz, ‘Mozrank’ uses its proprietary algorithm that helps users to compute the SEO rating of any webpage or website.

The potentiality of this online free tool has naturally made it so demanding to professionals involved in the digital marketing area that uses and considers it as a highly reliable point of reference for optimizing websites and pages in search engines. The Moz Rank Checker Tool helps the users to check the link popularity of any webpage or website within a few seconds. It represents importance of links and measures the quality and quantity of links towards your site.

Depending on your webpage authority, Mozrank will calculate the score of your page’s SEO rating from 1 to 10. While 10 is considered the highest, 1 is the lowest score on the Moz rating scale. Developed by Moz, Domain Authority (DA) is intended to anticipate the possibility of a website to fetch a rank on SERPs with a DA score point. The score point varies among 1 – 100, while a higher score not only shows a greater domain authority but equally its better chance of earning a higher rank. This would also mean as long as your page fetches a higher score point, it has a greater chance to get optimized in search engine results, while a lower-ranking can be an analytical way to address the lacking areas to boost your online performance.

What Does Moz Rank Checker Tool Do?

The online free tool aims to measure your domain link authority that influences the search engine based on which your webpage or website gets its ranking. On submission of the URL of the desired page in the search box of the tool, it calculates the score of the page based on its metric on a logarithmical scale among 1 and 10. Therefore, as a higher ranking like 7-10 could be good news for you to assess the chance of having a higher page ranking, similarly, if it shows your page score point something around 2 or 3 than, you needs to pinpoint the deficient aspects of the page and accordingly take steps to address them.

How Does Moz Rank Checker Tool Work?

To check your website score the tool requires you to submit the URL of your website or a web page in the search box of the tool. And on submission of your request within a few seconds it displays the Webpage URL, Moz Rank, PA (page authority score) and DA (domain authority score) of the site in a structured box.

Thankfully, you can access the tool without paying anything and check the ranking of multiple pages without any restriction. Advantageously, since the tool also displays the IP address, you don’t need to look for some other separate tool for checking the same. It also helps you check and compare the web ranking with your competitors.

Why Do We Need a Moz Rank Checker tool?

Considering the significance of page optimization, we can analyze the necessity of using the Moz rank checker tool from different viewpoints:


Typically, webmasters need to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously to ensure web maintenance and rank optimization of their client’s page. Thus using the Moz rank checker tool makes sense for these busy professionals to reduce the intense load of their operation to analyze the domain authority, page authority, and potentiality to gain a higher ranking of different websites and pages of their clients. Accordingly, they can amend marketing strategies to ensure rank optimization if Moz displays a low domain authority or rank score.

SEO Expert

By the nature of your profession, you are responsible for implementing the best SEP strategies to ensure that your client’s website/page is optimized in SERPs. The whole objective of SEO is developing their strategies keeping an eye on the parameters of the search engine algorithm for ranking in Google by keeping content quality and relevancy, quality of links, consistency of landing page, page loading speed, responsive website, etc.

Following these techniques impeccably makes it easy for crawlers to index the reliable links with greater website authority providing them a higher ranking. But what if, you get a reliable tool that can calculate the outcome of those strategies that you have followed in the first place. Here comes the Moz rank checker as a great analytical tool that helps you check the authority and relevance of your client’s page or website and enables you to evaluate the possibility of enjoying an optimized rank.

Website Owner

Although, a website owner is not well-versed about the technical aspects of SEO, or the role of crawlers, etc, and chiefly depends on the SEO service provider, however, using the Moz tool can help them to estimate the chances of his website to get an optimized rank. Whereas the expertise of your SEO is all that determines the success and failure of your webpage ranking, why do wait until you find your page is nowhere on the first page. Simply submit the URL of the page in the search box, and get the score point so that depending on the necessary you can speak to your provider.

Significance of Moz Rank Checker Tool

The necessity of search engine optimization to ascertain your digital marketing success is immense. Especially to SEO professional who puts their best insight and adopt various SEO tools and techniques adhering to the search engine algorithms, adoption of Moz rank checker tool can be greatly helpful for them to assess the possible SEO ranking for any website with Moz rank score, page authority and domain authority score point.

Notably, the higher the Moz rank the greater chance is to gain optimized rank on SERP. To help their valued clients to gain a competitive advantage in digital marketing, SEO experts and analysts should use the Moz Rank checker to verify the status of competitors’ webpage by following the same procedure. This helps not only in analyzing the status of the client’s rank but equally, helps undertake necessary steps if it’s not up to the desired rank. Thereby, the tool offers you an opportunity to undertake a superior SEO strategy based on the Moz rank report. Not only the tool is fairly reliable but you can access it free of cost and for endless time without any restriction.

Tips to Improve Your Moz Rank (SEO) Score

  • Adopt high-quality meta tags, keywords, blogs, images, backlinks in your blog post. (Before using the backlinks, make sure to check the page authority is higher of the link before using them)
  • Ensure the quality and relevancy of blogs and contents and share them with major Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and also consider adding social bookmarks to your webpage.
  • Continue to enhance brand awareness by posting trendy and quality content web pages that bring traffic.
  • Make sure to update each new blog and content via infographic images on regular basis.

Advantages of Moz Rank Checker Tool

  • The tool is user-friendly so doesn’t require any special skill to use it.
  • You can access the tool free of cost.
  • It can be accessed for 24 x 7 hours from anywhere on the planet and innumerable times without any restriction.

Steps to Use Moz Rank Checker Tool

The easy-to-use Moz rank analytical tool requires special skills to calculate your page authority and ranking in SERP. Accordingly, to check your page ranking, you need to follow the steps below

  1. Once you browse the ‘Moz rank checker’ tool, it will display a tool interface that asks the ‘Enter a URL’
  2. Copy the URL of the target webpage and then paste it into the search box
  3. Click ‘Submit’ button

Also displays ‘Try Again’ (if you need it further)

On submission of your requires it used its algorithm and then displays the result in a structured table displaying Webpage URL, Moz Rank, Page Authority Score (PA), and Domain Authority Score (DA).


Gaining a higher score point in the Moz rank check tool establishes the worthiness of your page to gain a ranking, so it helps you undertake to necessary steps if, it rates the page with a low score point. Considering the need for higher ranking on SERPs, never forget to use the tool and get an analytic view of the likelihood of your page ranking and undertake a superior rank-building strategy, wherever necessary.

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