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This free online automatic Plagiarism Checker or Detector tool allows you to check if your article is fresh or duplicated from a published article on the web. To use this Plagiarism Checker tool, pls. copy(Ctrl + C) and paste(Ctrl + V) your content into the text box below, and then click on the "Check for Plagiarism" button to get the result.

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About Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagiarism Checker Tool: Because Originality Matters

Plagiarism is a cardinal sin for students, writers, and marketers alike. Not only is it frowned upon in every industry, but it's also illegal and can get you into trouble.

Even the content written by you might be similar to other content online and seem plagiarised. How to avoid that? The answer is by using the plagiarism checker tool.

Quite a few freeware are available online for the same. It tells what percentage of your content is similar to other articles on the internet. Ideally, for marketing or even personal blogs, your content should be 100% original to make you stand out.

Key Notes:

  • It is 100% free online tool that check similarities your content with others.
  • This tool shows you how much percentage your content is unique.

How to avoid writing similar articles?

Run your article through Google

Once you do that, Google identifies the phrases that exactly match your piece, and you can re-write them. After re-writing, you can again run the article to make sure there is nothing left in your content that's written in the same way as any other piece on the internet.

Avoid the obvious

There are certain angles in a topic that have been covered by multiple writers already. Avoid those, and try to find something new. Your content automatically becomes original as you write about something unique. Thing harder, dig deeper and come up with ideas beyond the obvious.

Discard quickly

The moment you sense a similarity between what you've written and a previous piece on the internet, immediately discard that thought and move on to a new one. Don't get hung up on ideas. Learn to let go.

Put your contact information

Despite writing an article all by yourself, sometimes the content can seem similar to content already published on the internet. If you leave your contact information, the authors of those articles can reach out to you to have a conversation. Also, it would avoid the misunderstanding that you've maliciously copied their content.

Use Plagiarism Checker Tool

It's the most foolproof way of making sure that you're delivering original content. Always run your article through the plagiarism tool that'll tell you what percentage of your content is similar to others. In a few scenarios, a small proportion is acceptable, but 100% original content is the standard expectation most of the time.

Key Notes:

  • It displays your content in the form of string and uniqueness. 
  • If any display string is well written or unique then it shows Good otherwise it shows Already Exists.

According to Oxford Dictionary “Plagiarism occurs with or without the consent to present someone else's work or ideas in your paper.” Plagiarism is basically a copying someone’s work with or without author’s permission.

Free Plagiarism Checker for Academic Purposes

In colleges, original thesis, essays, and research papers play a vital role in determining your final grades. Submitting original work is the standard requirement. Therefore, it's necessary to run everything through a plagiarism checker before submitting it.

Even after submission, teachers might run your essay through the plagiarism checker again to make sure that you've submitted the original work.

Another crucial aspect of plagiarism checking is securing your reputation as a writer. As a content writer, if your client finds out that your work is not original, the word will soon get out to other clients in the market. No one wants plagiarised articles or blog posts on their website. And as a content writer, one gets work based on performance and ethics. By running everything, you write through a plagiarism checker, you ensure that you're known as an ethical professional.

Key Notes:

  • This tool easily checks any duplicate content within an article or paper in very short duration of time. 
  • It helps you to make your work proofread and gives a final touch to your papers.

Our plagiarism checker is fast, efficient, and free for everyone to use.

It's easy to use too. You have to copy-paste the article, and the software will take care of the rest. There is a 1000 word limit for every check. It's also secure, ensuring that your content doesn't get stolen. Most people who've used it so far have called it the best plagiarism checker they've ever come across. It also has a free SEO plugin that comes in handy while re-writing the article. Still not sold on it, might as well give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Steps to use Plagiarism Checker tool:

Steps 1: Choose content that you have to check (Minimum 30 words and maximum 1000 words).
Steps 2: Copy your content matter.
Steps 3: Paste your copied content into the text box.
Steps 4: Click on the “Check for Plagiarism” button.

After clicking on the “Check for Plagiarism” button, you will get uniqueness of your input content in terms of percentage. In the text box, it will also show your content in the form of string and display side by side your content uniqueness i.e. your written content is Good or Already Exists on the web. If you want to check other content on this tool then just click on the “Try New Document” button and repeat the above steps again to get the result.