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Many a times, webmasters host multiple websites on a single server so the IP of all those websites is the same. This tool simply checks the number of websites that share the same IP address. Enter the IP address or the domain name below and get the result.

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About Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool

In order to be visible on the web, every website depends on hosting service providers to provide them a space on a server. Among the various factors, you should check to verify the reliability of a web hosting company out of the mass to introduce your website, one that you should concern with is – page loading speed. Why? Because in the fast-paced world, visitors to your website don’t have the time to wait even for a few seconds for your website to load.

While shared hosting service has higher demand as opposed to any dedicated server or VPS due to it is budget-friendly, one big question that typically arrives in mind is - which server will provide you the highest quality services?

It’s worth noting that the varied factors that determine the quality you look for in a possible hosting service depend greatly on the volume of subscribers linked on such a single server. If you want to identify the credibility of a server, a reverse IP lookup tool can be incredibly helpful. Furthermore, you can access this powerful tool simply free of cost and for countless times without any restriction. Appears interesting! Well, keep reading to know more about the online tool.

What is Reverse IP Lookup?

Aka reverse DNS lookup, reverse IP lookup is a unique tool used for querying the DNS or domain name system to explore the domain names currently associated or hosted at any single IP address. This is especially important for those using shared hosting services because the number of domains hosted on single service impacts SEO, security of the website, ranking, etc.

Did you know, albeit shared hosting is an economical option for you, it could affect the performance and security of your site? Yes, that’s it. If not diligently chosen, shared hosting tends to be vulnerable to security risks which could possibly lead to a hacked site.

Consequently, hackers may deploy your site to spam your valuable customers, redirect to page some unwanted content or sites, and lead to user’s dissatisfaction. Once Google identifies that your site is hacked, it will simply blacklist your website. It equally affects the raking of all other websites that are using the same IP (means the hosting service). Using the reverse IP lookup tool helps you identify if any website of the provider has been hacked earlier and if so, consider it as a major ‘Red Flag’ and skip to some other provider.

What Does Reverse IP Lookup Tool Do?

The reverse IP lookup is an exceptionally powerful tool that helps to retrieve a list of domains sharing the same IP address of a hosting service. With its multipurpose uses in the online marketing age, it can add high value to your business success if used in an objective-based way and on regular basis. Since it’s understandable that one IP can host numerous domains, hence simply by checking any of the domains liked with a specific IP, you can get to its main source. Precisely, reverse IP lookup is a tool that makes it possible to follow someone’s IP address and thus look back to their hostname.

By using the URL or domain name of a website on the reverse IP lookup tool helps you find the other domains being hosted on the same server. According you can use such information while choosing a reliable hosting server, the vulnerability of hacking your site, and for successful digital marketing.

How Does The Reverse IP Lookup Tool Work?

In order to use the reverse IP lookup tool, you need to copy and paste the URL or IP address or a domain name in the search box displayed on the tool. On submission of your request, it will display all the domains sharing the IP address. As stated above rather than paying for some dedicated tool, make sure to use this online tool that offers free services and enables you to use it as many times as you need.

Why Should You Use Reverse IP Lookup Tool?

The reverse IP lookup tool is extensively used for its effectiveness by website owners, digital markets, and those who are planning to launch a website to find a dependable hosting service. Let’s discuss its utility from different viewpoints.

Prospective website owner

Being a soon-to-be website owner, after developing the website to make it visible to your target audience, you need to find a hosting server. Notably, every server is having a unique IP address that hosts multiple domains under shared hosting services while - not all servers are equally reliable to ensure satisfactory page loading speed and website security.

The speed of your page slows down badly whereas a hosting service includes more websites on its single sever beyond its capacity. As you know the importance of a fast loading page that boosts user’s experience and help in rank building, make sure that you use reverse IP lookup that facilitates you to find out the number of domains that are being hosted on a single IP and accordingly helps you make a choice.


In the days when cyber-attacks has been scary to website owners, it’s vital for you to undertake penetration test and vulnerability scanning to ensure that your website is secure. Especially when you are obtaining a shared hosting service, your website tends to be more susceptible to cyber-attack because multiple sites are hosted on a single IP address.

Integrated with your pen test, consider using an IP lookup tool to help you identify the vulnerable areas or loophole points that can be utilized to attack your website. The tool offers you an opportunity to pinpoint the errors in the security system or entryways for any hacker to get access to the domains working on a server.

A digital marketer

For digital markets, the tool can be incredibly helpful in multiple ways to satisfy their clients. Being a service provider to other businesses, while knowing who is chasing you and why they choose or reject you is integral, it’s the reverse IP tool that can provide you an insight into everyone who comes to your website. This information thus comes in handy to approach them promptly making them captivated to work with you.

When it comes to your email marketing campaign, using the tool is an excellent idea to get information regarding the visitors who accessed different pages of your website to know more about your products or services. Unarguably, it can be a brilliant way as well as an opportunity to draw them with personalized mail or custom services that they are on the quest of.

Importance of Reverse IP Lookup Tool

Regardless of you are a prospective website owner, digital marketer, cybersecurity professional, now possibly you can easily estimate how using reverse IP lookup tool can be helpful for you to achieve multiple goals such as identifying a reliable hosting service, ensure the security of your website and digital marketing success.

Living in the digital era when the competition has been intense, apart from approaching customers via websites, using the reverse IP tool to track visitors coming on your website could certainly be a never-before way to influence them with your personalized mail or services to meet their necessity. So, make sure to use this exclusive tool on daily basis to approach your customer before your competitors reach them and be at the winning edge.

Equally, never forget to use the tool to find a reliable shared hosting service with a minimum number of websites hosted on its server. Find a server that has more capacity compared to the number of subscribers on it with a reverse IP lookup tool and provide a fast page loading experience to the visitors of your website. This will increase your traffic, reduce bounce rate, and will help in ranking.

Also, employ the tool to pinpoint vulnerabilities of cybercrime that your website may encounter while using a shared hosting service and take needed measures to keep your website secure.

Advantages of Reverse IP Lookup Tool

  • Helps you find a reliable hosting service provider with a minimum number of shared sites that offers adequate page loading speed.
  • Helps in identifying vulnerable areas of the server to possible cyberattacks enabling you to take needed steps.
  • Helps in an effective digital marketing campaign by offering you the most useful data about your website visitors and helps you a great way to interact with them with your customized mail or services.
  • The tool is absolutely free and can be accessed even by a non-technical person with its user-friendly process.
  • It can be used countless times without any restriction.

Steps to Use Reverse IP Lookup Tool

The tool is so user-friendly that anyone with minimum knowledge about the internet can work on it. To reach your objective, you simply need to follow the steps below

  1. As you browse the reverse look tool, it will display an interface asking for ‘Enter a URL’
  2. Copy the IP address or URL of the desired website and then paste it in the search box
  3. Now click the button ‘Submit’
  4. After getting output it again display ‘Try New URL’ for another queries

Once you press the submit button, the tool scans your request and displays the list of domains that are sharing the IP address.


As stated above, shared hosting service has greater demand compared to VPS or dedicated hosting service because it’s affordable. While upgrading your plan is undoubtedly an effective solution to avoid the issues related to shared hosting, why pay more? Using the reverse IP lookup tool in an efficient way not only helps you get to a reliable hosting service, ensure your website security but also can support you in customizing your digital marketing endeavor.

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