Website Links Count Checker Tool

This tool plainly counts the internal and external links of a webpage. Simply enter the link below and get a separate count of internal and external links on a web page. Keep in mind that you will only get the count, however at times, this information is also enough.

About Website Links Count Checker Tool

Link building plays an integral role in your SEO success because Google checks the integrity of those links while ranking the web pages. Being an SEO expert or webmaster, as you follow different techniques to gain a higher page ranking, you need to remember that using more than the desired number of internal and external links in web content is more likely to affect your SEO endeavor severely down the line. 

To avoid this frustrating experience, use the most useful website link counter checker right away. The tool is designed to identify how many links your site posses including internal and external links. By specifying the total number of links on your website it helps you to review the same for optimizing. 

What is Website Links Count Checker?

Website links count checker is a highly effective and widely used tool intended to count the total number of links and specify the number of internal and external links that your webpage has. Keeping in mind that employing too many internal/external links eventually deteriorates the quality of your webpage, as an SEO expert, website owner, or webmaster you need to verify the number of links on the webpage. The uniqueness of the links checker tool is that it helps make the process of counting the links in a relaxing, time-saving, and seamless way while providing a summarized report with the total number of links, internal links, and external links of the webpage.

What Does Website Links Count Checker Tool Do?

One of the major concerning factors to almost all website owners is the number of links they possess on their web pages including both internal and external links. It’s vital because the more number and quality links your website has, the higher is the chances of being ranked by major search engines like Google. On the contrary, you must not forget the thumb rule - that ideally, a webpage should contain 2-3 links external links per 100 words, while more than that desired link leads to a fall in ranking.

Considering the gravity of the matter, why not use the website links count checker which can help immensely in gaining rank organically and get more traffic? The tool scans all the links containing internal and external links on the specific tool page and instantly displays the number of links by segregating them in an organized way. Further, you will be tempted to know that you can access the tool – free of cost for 24 hours and that too, for as many times as you want.

Why Should You Need a Website Links Count Checker Tool?

  • Having too many internal links compared to the size of the content on your webpage is vulnerable to contain spam. Since Google algorithm empowered with panda or penguin has an intense eye to ensure the quality of links, typically lots of low-quality links will affect your page rankings. Not only does the website links checker tool helps you to count the number of internal and external links on your website but equally facilitates adhering to Google’s algorithms when it comes to the number of links and saves your website from dropping its rank.
  • More scarcely, wrong link building with plenty of low-quality links on your page may be a cause for being blacklisted by the Google algorithm that you can hardly recover over time. To avoid this, ideally, once your link-building process with quality links is finished, make sure to verify how many links you have on your page with website links count checker and stick to the rule. Make sure to stay with a maximum of 2 to 3% internal likes which is a healthy practice for page optimization.
  • Website links count checker is an easy-to-use tool and works faster to find the number of links on your webpage in a flaw-free way. Nothing could be more disappointing, overwhelming, and time-consuming than counting the number of links on a certain page manually. This also needs to analyze internal and external links whereas the chance of making mistakes is always there. Perhaps, one of the leading reasons why you should think of using this wonderful tool on regular basis is that it helps save your valuable time and stand by the best practices of SEO for gaining ranking.

How Does the Website Links Count Checker Work?

The SEO-friendly tool needs you to enter the page domain name into its space that asks for the URL. Once done, you need to submit the same. The tool starts scanning the URL and gets you the result within 2 seconds providing the detail of total links, the number of internal and external links separately in an easy-to-read structure. The data structure displays 

Total links: On the calculation of the total links combining both internal and external links found on the webpage, it tool displays the number of total links in the first box.

Internal links: These are those links that may be connected through the website menu, footer links, or interlinks that come from the pages of content on the website. Its number shows in the second box.

External links: These links come from outside websites. The greater the number of your external links the better they could be for website ranking provided that they are related to credible and relevant sites and not to fake or spam. You also need to maintain the ratio of external links based on the size of your content. The external links are demonstrated in the last box.

Users Input Data

Users Output Data

Advantages of Adopting Website Links Count Checker Tool

  • The tool provides information with 100% accuracy on total links as well as the number of internal and external links within seconds.  
  • Its analytical system works effectively to distinguish the internal and external links in a fraction of seconds while displaying their numbers separately.
  • It helps you save your priceless time and botheration to manually count the number of links on the site or web page.
  • The tool is absolutely free of charge and can be accessed 24x7 from anywhere in the world.
  • You can use it for unlimited time to count the number of links on multiple pages devoid of any restriction.
  • This is because - having too many internal and external links affects your SEO success, the tool is truly useful that helps you to confront the number of links according to the search engine algorithms.
  • Thus, the tool happens to be greatly advantageous to SEO experts, webmasters, and website owners’ to count and analyze the links of different web pages and helps them take needed steps to go ahead.

Steps to Use Website Links Count Checker Tool

As stated above, the website links count checker is not only a very helpful tool but also user-friendly. To count the number of links, the tool needs you to follow the steps below:

  1. As you browse the tool, it will appear with a space on it - that asks for the URL.
  2. Copy the URL of the webpage to be counted for details of links and paste the same in the box.
  3. Press the ‘Submit’ button.
  4. If you have any further pages for counting likes - then click on the ‘Try New URL’ button.

The tool starts processing the target page, analyzes the links, and instantly displays the result containing the number of total links, internal links, and external links simultaneously in its box formation.


After the whole discussion, you can understand that albeit a higher number of links is important for your page optimization, however, that must not exceed the desired number that your page length deserves. Considering the importance, use the tool on regular basis to count the number of links and stick to the thumb rule. To conclude, also analyze the uprightness or quality of links once you get their numbers. 

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