Website Screenshot Generator Tool

This tool provides a quick and easy way to capture and save the screenshot of any webpage on any device, be it a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. Just enter the URL of the webpage in the space provided below, click Submit and viola, the screenshot as been captured.

About Website Screenshot Generator Tool

Being a computer whiz albeit you must be well-familiar to capture a screenshot of your PC’s display screen or smartphone, taking a screenshot of a website is completely a different experience and you must be wondering about how to do it. Now, just visualize, - as a website owner, if your website has a problem that needs the assistance of your website developer immediately. Rather than explaining the ins and outs of the problem, what if, you could have capture a screenshot of your website, save and send it to the developer?

It makes sense! Correct… but how to do it? Well, don’t worry. Consider using the website screenshot generator tool to make it done just by using the URL of the website on the tool. Yes, that’s it. Sounds tempting? Well, let’s talk more details on this tool and its different applications.

What is Website Screenshot Generator Tool?

Website Screenshot Generator is an amazingly handy and effective tool that enables you to generate any homepage screenshot of a website even before you or your valued users could click on it. It’s one of the most commonly used tools by website owners, webmasters, website designers, architects, and developers, apart from digital marketers aimed at driving traffic to their business. To provide an insight on what users expect to explore before they actually visit your website, by putting the website screenshot on your content you can make the target audience captivated to click on its link.

Thus, using the tool can help you boost your CTR rate, traffic, and engagement on your website. Similarly, if you face any problem with your website or want to rectify its existing errors, rejuvenate its look you can send its screenshot to a website developer for necessary changes. Simply by putting the URL of the website on the tool, you can easily capture the screenshot of any website instantly, seamlessly in the easiest way.

What Does Website Screenshot Generator Tool Do?

Website Screenshot is an avant-garde tool that facilitates you to capture the screenshot of any website in the easiest, fastest, and unflawed way that could otherwise seem to be an extremely complex job.

Without having to download any special software or spend money on it, regardless of your specialization areas as said above, you can leverage the advantage of this tool to meet various objectives related to your job in a never-before way. The easy-to-use tool doesn’t require any special skill to use it while you can take as many as screenshots you need simply by using the URL of the target website on the tool and access it for 24 x 7 hours.

How Does Website Screenshot Generator Tool Work?

Aside from being extremely easy to use, the website screenshot tool allows you to take screenshots as many times as you need and for unlimited websites, free of charge. Upon entering the URL of the target website and submitting your request, the tool gets you a screenshot of the homepage of the website in jpg format. Further, it also helps you to keep your website saved simply by clicking on its ‘save the screenshot’ button.

Why Should We Use Website Screenshot Generator Tool?

  • If you want to report to your hosting service provider about the issue you are facing with your website, you can get its screenshot and send it to the service provider for a better understanding.
  • Being a website owner with a plan to modify your website, getting a screenshot of your existing site, and sending it to the developer team can be a great way to evaluate the necessities for modification.
  • Similarly, if your customer reports you about some issue with your website, just let them know how to use the website screenshot tool while they can get the screenshot and send it back to you to understand and address the problem.
  • For website developers, getting the screenshots of a newly developed website on multiply devices is a practical method to ensure the responsiveness (mobile-friendly) of the site before launching it.
  • For SEO and digital marketers, taking screenshots of their web pages and sharing them on social media pages, blogs can be a strategic way to increase click-through-rate, increase traffic and boost ranking.
  • If you want to maintain the history of your website changes, adopting the screenshot tool helps you capture and store your website screenshots in your folder.
  • For common people, using the screenshot tool is a matchless choice to share proof of their digital wallet payments and many other purposes.

The Importance Website Screenshot Generator Tool from Different Perspectives

Precisely capturing a screenshot of websites is not easy like smartphones or a PC’s display image – given that every computer has its different shortcut keys for getting any screenshot while it also needs to open its paint tool, paste the picture, and save it. It makes the process confusing, complex, and time-consuming. Here comes, the website screenshot generator, as an effective tool that lets you capture the screenshots of websites, save, and use them for different purposes. Let’s check its importance from a different perspective across the industry.

A website owner

While opening any particular website, if an end-user encounters any issue with the functionality of your site, they can report back about the problem to you. Instead of letting them explain the issues, they are facing, just clarify the method of capturing and saving the screenshot of the page with this tool, and send its image back to you. Not only does this help you to understand the problem, but you can revert to your developer company for necessary fixing of the site right away. If you think renovating your website, using the screenshot tool can help you store the history of your all earlier websites.

An end-user

Just visualize its reverse situation. Being an end-user if you face this kind of problem, use this tool to get a screenshot of the site issue and report back to the site’s owner. 

Web developer

Before introducing your client’s website, you need to ensure that the site is responsive or mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website has been essential not only to get traffic but equally for ranking of the site. As most customers reach your site over a smartphone, laptop, or tablet rather than old CTR PCs unless your website is compatible regardless of the type of devices or being responsive, apart from losing traffic, you will be prevented by the Mobilegeddon algorithm of Google from ranking. Thereby, take a few screenshots of the proposed website using this wonderful tool on various devices to ensure its compatibility with them. Otherwise, consider rectification, recheck, and on satisfaction only deliver it to your client.

Digital marketer

By capturing screenshots of your clients' websites and adding them in respective social media posts, blogs, press-release, etc you can make those sites more tempting to users that increase CTR rate, web traffic, and web ranking.

Common people

Being habituated with digital wallets, you need to restore proofs of transactions done via the digital wallet. To keep such proof, using a screenshot generator is a great idea while you need to capture the image of the webpage once the payment is made. Similarly, if you are interested to capture anything live on the screen, using the generator tool can help you capture and save the picture.

Importance of Website Screenshot Generator Tool

The whole purpose of developing and maintaining your website is to boost users’ experience. The positive experiences of your users convert them into your loyal customers, increases traffic, conversion rate while keeping search engines satisfied that helps build ranking.

However, as websites are chiefly developed on the desktop systems matching their resolutions and size of the PC screen - they must be responsive to other devices including smartphones. Otherwise, it will lead to an increased bounce rate and impact your site ranking negatively. So to ensure the flexibility of your website, adopting the screenshot generator tool is vital for web developers, webmasters, as well as website owners.

Advantages of Website Screenshot Generator Tool

  • The fastest and easiest tool to get screenshots of the website without any technical difficulty and knowledge.
  • Helps capture exactly the screenshot of your website without requiring paying for it or using any special software.
  • Apart from capturing the website screenshot – it helps save the file of the picture image.
  • Accessible for 24 x 7 hours from anywhere of the world.

Steps to Use Website Screenshot Generator Tool

Being an extremely easy to use an online tool, to generate the screenshot of your website, it requires you to follow the steps below:

  1. Once browsing the online tool, you will find the interface that asks for entering the URL.
  2. Copy the URL of the website and paste the same into the textbox.
  3. Press the 'Submit' button to get the screenshot.
  4. It will further display ‘Save the Screenshot’.

Once you press the ‘Submit’ button, the tool start processing your request and within 3-4 seconds it will get you the website homepage screenshot in jpg format. Now, you can save the image by clicking on ‘Save the Screenshot’ button. 


Before we conclude, from the above discussion we understand how powerful and effective an Online Website Screenshot Generator tool is! Although capturing screenshots of a website is fairly a complex job compared to smartphones etc, however, just by using the URL of one or more websites on the tool, the job can be done in seconds free of cost. So, continue using the tool to make your digital marketing effort thriving.

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