4 Major Disadvantages of Organic Search in SEO

Benefits of Paid Search in Digital Marketing
7 Most Important Benefits of Paid Search in Digital Marketing
February 16, 2021
Disadvantages of Paid Search
4 Major Disadvantages of Paid Search in Digital Marketing
March 6, 2021
Disadvantages of Organic Search

Disadvantages of Organic Search: A Brief Discourse

There are innumerable benefits of organic search. If companies channelize their resources in right direction and follow a structured approach, organic search can be the go to channel for long term lead generation. However, it comes with its own share of drawbacks that companies must consider before-hand. This discourse with look into a few such drawbacks:

Organic Search Requires Thorough Upkeep

There are a lot of facets to organic search so calling it a one-time project is completely unreal. It’s an art of SEO experts, who continually deploy their brains to keep the site optimized according to the standards set by search engine algorithms (most notably, Google, Bing and Yahoo!). Whether the requirement is seamless and fast page downloads, tweaks in meta-tags or management of fresh content updates, SEO experts need to be on the job, day in and day out.

A company can never expect desired results if it discontinues its site optimization activities. Till the SEO activities continue with thorough diligence, its pages may rank on the first page of targeted keywords, but not after, as its competitors will drag them to subsequent pages. This drawback is huge for any company, no matter how thriving or flourishing it is.

Organic Search Takes Time to Deliver

Often it has been noticed that, the business heads, especially of start-ups and SMEs don’t have the patience and the vision to continue investing in resources focused on organic search.

Unlike paid search, which delivers results instantly, an organic search initiative takes a minimum of three to six months of concentrated efforts to start generating the desired traction for companies. 

Business heads want reduced turnaround time but no one can ascertain that in organic search.

If the marketing head of a company is planning to generate leads through organic search, he should set clear turnaround time related expectations before the team and prepare the business head to wait.

Organic Search Needs to Adhere to Algorithm Updates

Time and again search engine algorithms implement updates with an objective to
enhance the experience of end users. However, at times, these updates have detrimental impact of the rankings of website pages.

For instance, a page that was ranking on top of a targeted SERP just before the update may drop off to page three. Owners of such websites then analyze these updates carefully and make requisite changes to try and reinstate the rankings. For them, the battle is not only with their competitors but also with the search engine dynamics that go through updates, time and again.

Finally, features like knowledge graph, videos and image sections, etc. also occupy significant space in search engine results. So, organic search results have to compete against them as well to rank at Zero Position on a SERP.

Organic Search Requires Specific Skill Sets

As with any other online marketing channel, organic search requires skills and experience to deliver. These skills can be built upon, over due course. However, many a times, companies find it challenging to allocate required time and resources to schedule the trainings to uplift the skills of the workforce.

Hiring a team that has the skills at its disposal can be a solution. However it will put additional burden on the overall expenditure of the organization. Outsourcing the organic search activity can also be considered. However, as discussed previously such activities require routine upkeep. An online marketing agency, which already has a lot of clients, may not put that much focus on a particular company than an in-house team.


If a company wants to implement a long-term and sustainable online marketing strategy, organic search clicks a lot of boxes. However, major hindrance before its successful implementation is expectation among business owners regarding turnaround time for results to appear. Patience is the key as results may take months to come by.  However, once they appear, they will deliver sustainable leads.