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As we all know, the idea behind affiliate marketing is to promote someone else’s products and earn commission if people buy those products. However, like many things related to work and life in general, many questions come in our minds when it comes to affiliate marketing as well. Is it profitable? How much revenue can it generate? Well, the set of tutorials presented on this eLearn – Affiliate Marketing page helps you to get started with the right steps for creating your affiliate business on anytime, anywhere basis.

The tutorials will help you understand how you can choose the niche, how to choose the most profitable products, and most importantly, you will learn the best strategies to promote with advertisements, with social media and with SEO.

While you embark on your journey of becoming a successful affiliate marketer, you will learn a lot of aspects associated with this marketing channel such as difference between CPC, CPA, affiliate cookies, back-end commissions. We will also look at positives and shortcomings of various affiliate sites as well.

Who Benefits?

Well, anyone who has the will and the passion to make it big with affiliate marketing can consider our tutorials. Aspiring online marketers, students of digital marketing, even entrepreneurs, these tutorials will benefit one and all.


Basic understanding of search engine optimization will required to successfully implement the strategies discussed in these tutorials. In addition, to get a clear understanding of how one can promote on social media, one should be well-versed with the functioning of social media networks.

Affiliate Marketing eLEARN Tutorial

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