Ever changing market dynamics driven by rapidly evolving technology sphere has opened up opportunities for businesses to transform the way they conduct their day-to-day operations. Enterprises demand solutions that are flexible to change, are differentiable, can be seamlessly integrated and migrated, and are conveniently secure. Priorities like these create challenges for providers to integrate client requirements and deliver tangible solutions while being competitive to ensure their own continuity.

Thinqdigit collaborates effectively with its clients by aligning technology with their business objectives. We leverage our in-depth expertise in various IT verticals to offer the most comprehensive range of services for professionals and businesses alike. While doing so, we make every effort to be as cost-efficient as possible and continuously improve on customer experience to enhance the faith our clients bestow upon us whenever they collaborate with us. Whether you are a entrepreneur who has just started turning his million-dollar idea into a sustainable business, a professional that needs IT to glorify its skills, or an established enterprise that needs to further streamline its online properties, we have the solutions on offer.

To start with, Thinqdigit is a one-stop destination for all your digital marketing and web apps development needs. Our consultancy services cover everything ranging from search to content, from social to e-mail, from gaining traction organically or via an ad campaign.

From solutions as basic as registration of a domain name for a new website or creation of a Google My Business listing to as complex as refreshing the elements of an already visible website as per the latest ranking factors, we have everything covered under one roof. We also design, implement and integrate web sites and mobile apps from their basics, and promote them through preferred online marketing channels. In addition, we also integrate content management systems in the backend so that updates become and seamless, integrated, and a secure affair.

Last, but not the least, we are the training provider of everything we develop in IT or every tool or resource we use to get your business IT ready. You can access our blog section to find informative tutorials. We also partner with enterprises to get their workforce trained on all latest web app tools and applications. So, for instance, you have this task of training your workforce on a new content management system built on say WordPress or Magento. One convenient way to about it is to approach us and schedule training on mutually acceptable terms and timings.

All our solutions are customized according to your needs and are priced as according to budget. To get more information about our web, apps and digital marketing services please feel free to contact us via email



Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is much more than development of a website around keywords that meet your business niche. It’s an amalgamation of techniques and procedures that work in tandem to get the web pages their deserved place on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Our SEO experts at Thinqdigit can get a 360-degree SEO review for your site. They can re-examine its keyword quotient, link-building strategy, technical aspects, and all the regular activities that are performed in the background to enhance the credibility of your site, with an aim to improve its overall standing in the online space.

Social Media Optimization

In this day and age, having a decent social media presence is essential to create awareness about a brand, product, or service among prospective clients. Companies use various optimization techniques to connect with customers to get the message across about their offerings or sentient them about potentially damaging news. With a plethora of social media platforms available, Thinqdigit’s social media optimization (SMO) team will select the platforms best suited for your business and get a viable plan going. If required, they also recommend measures to use social media to uphold the overall reputation of your business in case anything goes sideways.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is much more than deployment of ads on SERPs to market a company’s products and services. To generate quick leads and enhance the overall performance of ad campaigns, it requires their real-time management with thorough optimization and budget control. Thiqdigit’s team of SEM experts offer a range of services which include initiation of ad campaigns (pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, etc.) according to the rules and guidelines of respective search engines (most notably Google and Bing), implement necessary tweaks to enhance a campaign’s performance and eliminate any lose ends that lead to wastage of capital, and a lot more services.

Social Media Marketing

A majority of customers worldwide rely on social media to gauge the reputation of a company before they decide to purchase a product from it or avail its service. So, it’s imperative for a business of any size and stature to have a decent social media presence. Companies can approach Thinqdigit to draft a viable, cost-effective and customizable social media marketing strategy. Services begin with competitor analysis for content, messaging, and customer engagement. Follow it up by creation of paid and/or organic campaigns, their monitoring, optimization and integration with the underlying website. So contact Thingdigit for all these services and much more!

Email Marketing

In spite of emergence of lots of instant messaging apps and services, emails still have their own reserved space when it comes to person to person communication. No wonder experts continue to leverage emails as a marketing channel to connect with existing and prospective customers. Remember that emails can be used to do much more than to pitch your services to customers. They can be used to provide viable solutions to customers, and acquaint them about upcoming events and product releases. So get in touch with Thinqdigit if you plan to use emails to complement other online channels you have deployed to market your brand.

Content Writing

You require content for everything you need to promote online. Ads, blogs, reviews, emails, SMSs, press releases, whitepapers, listings, even videos, content is required to connect and spread the word about a brand, product or service. Thingdigit has a team of writers who have the voice to communicate the message to target audience. Whether the requirement is to create fresh content for your online properties, or revamp the content to give it more weight, or simply edit it for style and compliance, Thinqdigit has solutions that fit your budget and most-importantly, your requirement. So connect with us now and experience the difference!

APPs Marketing

With millions of apps on Play Store and IOS Store, to simply upload one up there is not enough, No matter how beneficial an app can be for users, a brand needs to use all techniques to ensure that it stands ahead of the rest. In addition, efforts should be placed to increase downloads of your app, and reduce uninstalls. Thingdigit offers a host of services to optimize the App Store to ascertain that it gets the eyeballs it deserves. Although efforts are always placed to generate leads, organically, paid campaigns complement the effort efficiently, especially during the early days of app marketing cycle.

SMS Marketing

Overtime, mobile phones have found place in the lives of people with all the walks of life. Cheap tariffs have ensured it costs virtually nothing to SMS. So, it’s imperative for online marketing experts to leverage the reach of this messaging service. All is required is to draft an up-to-the-point draft to get it delivered to the clients. With high open rate, it really works. The experts at Thinqdigit help businesses to use SMS as a complementary service with other marketing initiatives. Short-term promotions, urgent updates, appointment reminders, or business alerts; the experts help to get them going for your business.



Website Design and Development

At the backend of every online marketing effort is a website. Whereas a well-maintained website enhances the credibility of a company an ill-managed one has a detrimental impact on its standing. Thinqdigit ticks all the right boxes in response to any query related to design and development of a website. A majority of our team members have decades of experience in this domain, in addition to skills and expertise across all technologies used to develop a web site. So, whether the question is look and feel of the website or how it functions, Thinqdigit has the solutions on offer.

CMS Development

Content Management System acronymic “CMS” helps those responsible to create content of a website, perform modifications, or manage its overall dynamics without the need of any specific skill. When the requirement is to integrate CMS at the backend of a website, Thinqdigit is on par with the best in the industry. Our experts can tame all popular CMS software including the ever reliable Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wix and a lot more. Like always, we follow a structured approach and carefully designed process to seamlessly integrate any CMS software to your website’s backend. So connect with us and get started!

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce is the online realm where buyers connect with sellers to purchase anything from electronic goods and grocery items to apparels, medicines to household goods, and much more. Three principals that personify e-commerce are reach, accessibility and flexibility and so are the solutions offered at Thinqdigit. On offer are comprehensive web-based and app-based solutions. So whether the requirement is to develop a solution from scratch, revamp the look and feel of an existing one, or optimize its overall functioning according to the current user trend, we have the best of offerings at the most competitive pricings in the industry to offer.

Mobile APPs Development

By definition, mobile application development is the process of creating applications to run on various mobile OSs (iOS, Android, etc.). Thinqdigit offers state-of-the-art mobile application solutions. While we develop these apps, our focus centers on consumers because they only work with these apps on their handhelds, and eventually decide their fate. After all, the more feature rich, and user friendly the app is, the more will be its downloads, and more successful the app will be. So if you have a concept in mind to develop an app, the Thingdigit experts suggest you a solution best suited for your needs.

Free Online SEO Tools

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