August 5, 2021
Search Engine Marketing Tools

Top 10 Best SEM Tools for Search Engine Marketing

So far you have got acquainted with the various features of search engine marketing (SEM) and how it works to give traction to your online ad campaigns. You have learnt about
July 30, 2021
9 Steps to Successful SEM Marketing Strategy

9 Steps to Successful SEM Marketing Strategy

In search engine marketing, everything takes a backseat to a sound, well researched and well crafted strategy. After all, SEM is not just about creating an advertisement to sell a
July 23, 2021
Key Tips for Successful SEM Campaign

Key Tips for Successful SEM Campaign You Need to Know

Having understood quite a bit about SEM and its various features like keywords, ad auctions etc. you must be willing to get a dip into creating your first ever campaign. However,
July 17, 2021
How a Typical SEM Ad Auction Works?

How a Typical SEM Ad Auction Works? Factors to Consider

As we have learnt in the Keyword Research Tutorial, a typical Ad Copy contains up to three headlines of 30 characters each, up to two descriptions of 90 characters and a display
July 13, 2021
Why Your Business Needs SEM?

Why Your Business Needs SEM? Valuable Things to Know

Why my business needs SEM? What benefits will I get if I include is as a marketing channel? How much time will it take to generate leads for my business? A plethora of
July 11, 2021
Essentials of Keyword Research in SEM

Keyword Research In SEM: Look Its Role and Importance

Many search engine marketing professionals may differ with the notion that keywords were, are, and probably will remain the backbone of any search engine marketing campaign
July 9, 2021
SEM vs. SEO: A Comparison

SEM vs SEO: A Comparison, Discourse and Conversation

So, as we have learnt till now, as a universally accepted norm in the online marketing realm, whenever we pay a fee to run an online advertisement on search engines (Google,
July 7, 2021
What is Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM? A Basic Guide to Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM? To put it is simple words Search Engine Marketing or SEM is any online marketing technique in which you pay an upfront fee as per pre-specified rate to get
June 28, 2021
Social Media Optimization Tools

10 Most Popular Social Media Optimization Tools

To keep an SMO campaign going on expected lines requires a lot of effort. So to make life a bit easier for online marketers, there are quite a few useful tools that they can
June 23, 2021
SMO Tips and Tricks

SMO Tips and Tricks: Improve your Social Media Presence

Now that you have a working and viable social media strategy at place, it’s time to move further. Remember that the last word in social media optimization (SMO) is