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June 16, 2021
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SMO Tips and Tricks

Optimize Social Campaigns with SMO Tips and Tricks

Now that you have a working and viable social media strategy at place, it’s time to move further. Remember that the last word in social media optimization (SMO) is “optimization,” so in way it’s inherent to everything we do with it. Optimization is a never ending process and continues till the time the organization intends to benefit from social media campaigns.

In this tutorial, we will understand various techniques you can adapt to optimize your SMO campaign, so that they continue to deliver expected results in time-bound manner and improve your social media presence. Now let’s start how to optimize the social media campaigns with below social media optimization tips and pointers.

Perform Periodic Audits

Perform periodic audits: of all social media profiles of your brand or company. Here are the pointers you can consider:

  • Ensure that the message you want to convey via these profiles is consistent with the mission and vision of your brand or company.
  • Have a link or call to action to send the visitors to appropriate place if they intend to know more about your offerings.
  • Have catchy logos and images that adhere to the guidelines specified by respective social media profiles. They should be consistent with your business’s online presence or effectively convey information about any ongoing promotion or celebration.

They should be consistent with your business’s online presence or effectively convey information about any ongoing promotion or celebration.

For instance the horizontal image size for Facebook has to be consistent with 1200*628 pixels, nothing more and nothing less. Similarly for Twitter is has to be 1200*675 pixels.

Fine Tune the Search Quotient

Fine tune the search quotient: with regular review of keywords or phrases around which you’re content has been written.

  • Start with re-examining the keywords or phrases around which the content on your social profiles are drafted. At times a relevant keyword gets missed due to whatever reason so a review can bring that keyword into the scheme of things.
  • Have an optimum mix of keywords and keyword hash tags wherever your text-based content goes on your social media profiles. And remember to forget keyword stuffing.
  • Ensure that the About Us section is consistent across all social profiles. Double-check that all relevant forms are filled up with the most up-to-date information related to your offerings and your brand or company in general.
  • Ensure that the Contact Us information (including address, phone number, email, etc.) is consistent on your social profiles, and for that matter all online profiles including your website.

Identify What to Publish & When

Identify what to publish & when: with weekly check of publishing frequency and content types across different platforms.

  • Through weekly review of posts, identify the post types that are drawing more traction than others. This will help you to build your content strategy around these post types.
  • Also ascertain that the posts are getting published as per schedule. If you have the resources at your disposal, think if increasing the frequency a bit. However, never think of overwhelming your subscribers with posts, because excess of everything can be detrimental to the overall SMO objective.
  • Finally, fine-tune the timings of posts so that they can get more visibility among your target audience.

Optimize the Writing Style of your Posts

Optimize the writing style of your posts: by working around the writing style that suits with the overall flavour of company’s online offerings.

  • Think of a style that suits your offerings-whether it should be conversational or academic, formal or informal. And fine-tune your posts to adhere to that style.
  • Secondly, ensure that the posts convey the message they intend to convey. Seems quite basic but at times a carefree subordinate may make a blunder of two, which can be avoided with close vigil. One approach can be, to get the post vetted by someone more responsible than that subordinate.
  • Ensure optimal use of hash tags and keywords in every post you create.
  • Ensure that images and videos you use are vibrant and always compliment your posts.
  • Never miss out to wish your audience and customers on days they celebrate such as festivals.

Track the Behaviour of your Audience

Track the behaviour of your audience: by keeping a close vigil on the links they click through by measuring.

  • The links users are sharing on social media.
  • The clicks these links are generating.
  • The clicks that are getting converted into traffic and eventually revenue for your business.

Once you have all these measurements at place, you can optimize your links and underlying content to deliver what the users love to view. And once you get its clear understanding, you can promote your products along these observations.

Participate and Converse

Participate and Converse: with your audience and spread the word about your products and services.

  • It’s a universal truth that SMO is a two-way street. So, get the human resources at place who can participate in online conversations with your target audience and share information about your offerings.
  • Be real to your audience by passing true message and authentic information across. This will help your message spread like a wave.

SMO Tips and Tricks: Conclusion

Invariably, more clicks translate into more traffic, which translates into more conversions and finally more revenue. So, the ultimate objective is to optimize your social media offerings in such a way that they contribute to increasing the traffic on your underlying website.