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5 Golden Rules of SMO: Create Great Impact on Social Media
June 11, 2021
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SMO Tips and Tricks: Improve your Social Media Presence
June 23, 2021
Social Media Optimization Strategy

6 Effective SMO Strategy for Brands and Businesses

As we have learnt so far, there are innumerable benefits of SMO. Overtime, a lot of businesses around the world have understood its capabilities and potential.

Secondly, to effectively implement SMO, there are a set of rules as our good old Rohit Bhargava had coined several years ago. Having said that, rules are fine but as a vintage TV commercial used to reiterate “next is what?”

Next up is the SMO strategy that if worked upon diligently, can help brands and businesses achieve their desired goals.

Have a Plan at Place

No, don’t just jump on the bandwagon just like that. As with any other online marketing channel you have brought to work till date, sit down and draft a plan for SMO as well.

First, design a plan that is aligned with the goals of your organization, may be have short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. Second, ensure that the goals are realistic, achievable, and measurable. And third, define metrics with which goals can be measured properly and conveniently.

Carefully Create your Social Media Profiles

Don’t be in hurry to get your first post going. Take time to populate everything relevant in the social media profiles you intend to work with, be it Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, or any other one. For sure, it takes time and effort but consider this. Your SMO strategy is centered on these social media profiles. They are going to be the face of your company on social media. So every bit of effort you put in to create these profiles will add value to your brand or company.

Start with reviewing all the elements of every social media profile you plan to work with. Then, carefully populate these elements with relevant content, be it photos, videos or text. Ensure that the information you provide is optimum to that particular element. Finally, double check to ensure that you have populated all the elements of these profiles.

Keyword Research – It Matters here as Well   

As with SEO, keyword research matters in SMO as well. However, unlike SEO, where we look for keywords that users are searching for, look for phrases that are trending on social media.
The essence however remains the same—to look for stuff the target audience like to read about, the stuff that catches their interest. For instance you can use the Use Facebook Ad Targeting Options or Trending Topics on Twitter for help on what keywords or phrases the users are looking for and create your posts around them.

In addition, also look for hash tags along the way, the hash tags your target audiences are using and incorporate them in your posts. Doing so will make it possible for them to stumble upon your content as well.

Finally, ensure that your entire keyword strategy is centered on the brand and products you want to promote. However, meticulously include what’s trending in your post so that you get a nice mix of all that’s relevant and trending.

Originality is the Key with Content

Now the most important part–always post original content. There are indeed no second thoughts to it. For instance, introduce a blog you’ve just published on your site, with a few interesting sentences on FB, or for that matter a neatly crafted 140 character stuff on Twitter. Give a link in the end of your content piece to drive traffic to your site.

Even if you find interesting stuff on any site, create a post around it, link it up and publish it on your social media profiles.

Don’t forget to include all relevant hash tags along the way.

Preferably also get a designer on board who can create catchy images for everything you publish on your social media profiles, blogs, etc.

Share your content on all relevant sources you can. Link everything properly to increase traffic and see all the difference it will make over due course.

Finally, incorporate social buttons on all relevant sections of your site as well. People like to share anything interesting, so if you have published anything worth a read on your site, make it extremely easy for them to share it on their social media profiles. 

Equally Important is to Stick to a Schedule

Have a calendar at place when it comes to scheduling your posts. Equally important is to stick to it. Ideally, your posts should get published when your target audiences are available to read.

For instance, publish not more than three tweets per day on Twitter–one around 7:30 in the morning, another at 1:30 in afternoon and the final one at around 7:30 in the evening. These are the times when most of the users are online of social media

Have not more than one post per day of Facebook. Objective has to be to not overwhelm your audience with posts. As you are aware, excess of everything is bad.

Finally, Monitor Everything

Monitor your posts, at least fortnightly, without fail. Metrics you can include are impressions, clicks, and average time spent. These metrics will give clear indications to what the users like to read about and what they find boring or cliche.

SMO Strategy: Conclusion

For sure, all these pointers are worth more than a consideration. These are essential to make your SMO strategy a success. So whether you are a newbie to SMO or want to revive a lacklustre SMO endeavour, bring these to practice and experience the change.