5 Golden Rules of SMO: Create Great Impact on Social Media

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June 2, 2021
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SMO Rules

SMO Rules: A Sneak Peak into the 5 Rules of SMO

So, what is Social Media Optimization (SMO)? It’s a process of optimizing the profiles of a brand or a company on various social media networks, to leverage their scope and reach, in an effort to make the brand or company more noticeable to the audience.

Ever since its embryonic beginnings in 2006, SMO has evolved over time. Its current version is refined and a lot more comprehensible to online marketers worldwide.

At the base of every SMO strategy are a set of rules that lay the foundation of its right approach. These rules were first given by Rohit Bhargawa (founder of nonobvious.com and author of various books on branding, leadership and trends) in 2006. This tutorial will look at the latest version of these new five smo rules.

Content Rules the Roost

Very first step for any SMO strategy or for that matter any online marketing strategy is regularly churning out content that is sharable.

What is sharable? Well, anything that makes sense to the reader, keeps him engaged with its conversational tone, and catches the eye with relevant multimedia. In nutshell, sharable content is quality content and people share quality content, more often than not.

So, always ascertain that the content you create is worth sharing. Before creating it, think of the best form to represent it. What I mean by forms is text, Infographics, PPTs, videos and so forth. And its alright to have a mashup of more than one forms in a content piece.

Sharing Content Should Be Easy

What’s the value of your content if the readers cannot share it? So, while you create content, ensure that the pages on which it is posted, have plug-ins installed with which they can be linked to all popular social media sites (FB, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).

Secondly, ensure that all fresh content you create get highlighted on the social media profiles of your brand or company.  Your social media properties require regular updates, so the content you create fulfil this requirement.

Think of Rewards for Linking

Getting inbound links from high or authority sites is not a piece of cake by any means. In addition to having content that speaks for itself, traits like persistence, patience, and dedication to continually engage with prospective collaborators are required.

So, why not reward the sites that link back to yours as a gesture of recognition. You can do so but consider Google’s policy for rewarding links before proceeding.

Make Your Content Travel

Sharing and linking is required for the content to reach places. However, there is one more aspect to making your content travel. Ensure that it can be ported easily. For instance, if a reader wants to save your article, give him an option to save it as PDF. After all who wants to save content as text or a webpage.

In addition, if your content is in the form of a video, an infographic or a PowerPoint presentation, share it on sites like Slideshare, or for that matter Infographic Bee, Cool Infographics or Visual.ly. Sharing the skills and expertise of your brand via these vibrant content types will get it great deal of more exposure.

For instance, Slideshare alone gets 25 million views a month; that’s a lot of potential views on your work.

Allow Content Mashup to Happen

Don’t curb the creativity of users who want to give your content a spin or create an altogether new version of it. For example, this very content piece can be converted into a nice Power Point presentation and subsequently posted over various sharing sites. This is called content mashup. Let it happen as others are letting it too.

Ultimately, your content is yours. So think of syndicating it as the big players do, but ensure that the copywright of your work is upheld on the other side,

SMO Rules: Conclusion

To conclude, let’s get the point straight. These rules are commandments from above that were given away nearly a decade and a half back. Over time, as SMO evolved, these rules did undergo amendments. The one’s we have given above are in their present form.

Since their inception many SMO experts, authors and writers have tried to add to these rules. However, as with the Ten Commandments, eventually most of those scholars agreed to continue with these 5 Golden Social Media Optimization (SMO) Rules only.

In the upcoming tutorials, we will look at certain tips and tricks as well as the overall strategy that form the core of SMO.