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July 11, 2021
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July 17, 2021
Why Your Business Needs SEM?

Why Your Business Needs SEM? Factors To Consider

Why my business needs SEM? What benefits will I get if I include is as a marketing channel? How much time will it take to generate leads for my business? A plethora of questions like these come up when a business thinks to venture into SEM as a marketing initiative.

So, why your business needs SEM? This tutorial examines all the benefits of SEM a business owner can exploit if he implements this marketing channel properly and with due care.

Instant Brand Visibility

Unlike many other online marketing channels, a properly created ad campaign in SEM can at least get your site to the bottom of the first search engine results page (SERP).  

Of-course for that, you need to set a bid amount that can beat the competition and a well-written, optimized and keyword centric landing page uploaded along with the ad text.

In addition, all the strategies worked upon since the time your business actually decided to delve into SEM needs to be at place.

Instant Revenue Generation

Once all the right systems are at place, even the brand that has very little visibility or brand recognition can instantly get the traction on SERPs. This will in turn generate credible leads for your business for the sales team to convert and enhance the revenues of your business.

All this seems easy. Right? However, for any ad campaign to perform, a business needs to optimize it and continuously improve upon it. So must you with your ad campaigns.

Scalability & Flexibility

SEM is scalable to any extent.

A technology services company that forayed into SEM way back in 2008, started with an ad campaign budget of $4000 per day to make revenue of $20000 per day. Gradually, as revenues continued to pour in on regular basis, the company started increasing its campaign budgets as well. As leads increased, the company expanded to meet the demand. By 2013, the company’s per day ad campaign budget was $150000 and its revenues through ads swelled to $750000.

The above example, clearly conveys the scalability of SEM. You can start with as low a budget as you can reasonably think of and scale it up to any limits.

Not just revenue, with time, you can do a lot of things with your ad campaigns. You can optimize high performing ones; include those which have potential to get you relevant leads; even do away with poorly performing campaigns or optimize them to try them for a while more. So flexibility is the word when it comes to ad campaigns in SEM.

It’s Where the Users Are

In this day and age, more than 90% of searches start on SERPS. That’s where your ads are. All you need to do is to make all elements of your ads (heading(s) and description of your ad copies and the landing page) as relevant for the users as possible and to make them appear before the user.

Traffic on your site is secondary, what SEM ads do is to make the users aware about your products and services.

A majority of these connects convert into leads as carefully optimized ads generally lead the users to what they are exactly looking at.

To Adds to Brand Recognition

Since last 6 months or so, I am presented with the Go Mechanic ad whenever I type car service providers in the Search Bar. After seeing that ad probably 15 times since last six months I recently checked out their offerings through the landing page of the ad.

This is the power of SEM for you! It continuously displays relevant ads before the users as a result of which, it ads to brand recognition.

As per various researches, a customer makes average 7-13 touch points with a business before its buys a product or service from it. This helps to make the brand recognizable to the users; and make it familiar. Familiarity adds to trust; trust gets the leads; and these leads is all the business needs to try and convert.

Only Interested Customers Click on SEM Ads

As per various researches, it has been noted more than 90% of times that the users click on an SEM ad only when they want to purchase a product or to avail a service. So it’s essential to make your ads as targeted as possible.

Note that, especially with popular search engines like Google and Bing you pay absolutely nothing to create or displayed your ad. You only pay when the ad is clicked.  

You can create as many ads as you want but the point is to make them relevant. By doing so, you always connect meaningfully with your prospective customers. In addition, with appropriate call to actions in ads you highlight what the customer most likely is looking for. 

It’s Less Competitive

Not all businesses are on SEM, and many of those who are, don’t have what it takes to utilize its full potential. So, as of now, it’s still less competitive.

With compelling ads, neatly crafted landing page, and competitive bids, you can beat them hands down in SEM. And when you do so, their clicks will be yours.

Another side of the coin can be, if your competitor is on SEM, you need to be there as well to negate that competitive advantage.

Even if your competitors are smart, chances are that with right strategy, you’ll be able to beat them in their own game.

It’s Less Expensive

The answer to “How SEM is less expensive than traditional marketing forms?” is hidden in its flexible nature. Consider this for example? With traditional marketing, you spend millions in promotions to make people aware about your brand. However, with SEM, you spend a miniscule amount yet reach your target customers.

In traditional marketing you have to get innumerable resources on board, manage them to make them deliver, and eventually pay them a sizable chunk of your capital. In SEM, all you need is to get a small team of proficient SEMers on board who will do what it takes to create and manage your campaigns.

On the work front, you can scale up a high performing ad, bring down a poorly performing one, and do a lot more to modify it as and when you want. On the contrary, a traditional ad that you see on all forms of media is contract bound. You need to seek approval to change it and the costs are significant.

You can increase on decrease the bid amount of your ads as per any situation or requirement. It costs nothing.

Unlike traditional marketing where advertisements are usually aired where that channel reaches, with SEM you have the flexibility of target as small as an area a few kilometres around your location to as big as a country.

Finally, with analytics and other research tools, and omnipresent support from search engines, you are in control of everything related to your ad campaigns. This in turn helps you make smarter decisions about how, where and when to spend your money and how much of it.

Business Needs SEM: Final Thoughts

So, why your business needs SEM? In nutshell, SEM is a great way for business to venture into online marketing. Its expansive, its thorough, its flexible, its economical, its instant, and above all its pays far less to implement than other more traditional forms of marketing. However, to make the most of SEM’s potential and reach, you need to have a sound strategy at place and a team that has the skills and the expertise to get competitively priced and relevant leads, day in and day out.

So is SEM just right for your business? By now it should be!