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Is your site not generating enough leads? Best practices or quick hacks are old school. What you require is to understand the behaviour of users who visit your site and implement changes according to their preferences. Seems far-fetched? Not really. Consider Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), a practice by which you can understand what persuades users to take the action you want them to take. These actions can be to call for a product enquiry or its purchase, or to make the purchase from your site itself.

Who Benefits?

Online marketers, who, at times, run out of ideas when it comes to what they can do to generate more leads from their site can really benefit from these tutorials. After all, their main KRA is to get as many leads as possible for the sales people to take over. Business owners, entrepreneurs, product managers or anyone who puts their mind and capital behind an online venture, can go through these tutorials to get an idea of CRO and how it can be beneficial for their business.


To learn Conversion Rate Optimization you need to have basic understanding of the various elements of the site. Although it’s not a necessity, you should still be well-versed with various concepts of lead generation because you learn CRO to get a lot more leads for your brand or company.

CRO eLEARN Tutorial

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