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Email marketing is a process in which digital marketers use emails as a medium of promotion to their existing and prospective clients as well as to their subscribers. This Email Marketing e-Learn page provides information about various types of emails one can deploy to catch the attention of target audience.

You can leverage the potential and reach of emails to reach out to your email subscribers. Mails can be to promote a new product release, or an upcoming event, or to provide information in the form of newsletters. Do remember that newsletters just don’t talk news but anything related to your business that interests readers.

Who Benefits?

These tutorials are designed for online marketing professionals who intend to initiate email marketing as a channel for brand promotion for the entities they work for as consultants or employees. Even entrepreneurs and businesspeople can use these tutorials to understand the efficacy of email marketing as a promotional medium and gauge its feasibility specific to their realm of operations.


These tutorials will give all the information one needs to launch an extremely beneficial email campaign. However, technically and legally, what any business requires is a legitimate list of email subscribers — individuals who have opted to receive promotional emails on behalf of your entity. Additionally, have a viable strategy at place to execute a meaningful campaign. Also required will be resources to execute it.

Email Marketing eLEARN Tutorial

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