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In this age of social media, when apps like Instagram, Plixo, Starngage, Tik Tok, etc. find a place in a lot of mobile phones around the world, no online marketing strategy is complete without a thought on using influencers to promote a product or service.

Who are influencers? Well, they are individuals who have the power to affect the purchasing decision of general audience. They have huge fan following on a lot of popular social media platforms.

Influencer Marketing is not just about taking the photos of an influencer and posting them on your social media accounts. As you will understand from the tutorials on this page, this lucrative online marketing tactic has a lot more to offer.

A few questions the tutorial answers are—how and where influencer marketing fits in the marketing mix of a brand, what makes an influencer and how to identify the best influencer for a brand. This tutorial will also explain how online marketers can manage influencer marketing campaigns as well as ethics and rules affecting this marketing channel.

Who Benefits?

Any social media learner can gain a lot from the tutorials provided in this course. However, the tutorials are best suited for emerging brands taking those baby steps in the influencer marketing realm as well as established brands looking to further intensify their online marketing efforts.


As this course has been designed for virtually anyone, all is required is the will to gather the most from these tutorials and implement the learnings to understand the techniques explained over due course.

Influencer Marketing eLEARN Tutorial

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