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What is Online Brand Management? Simply put it is the process online marketers adopt to monitor how a brand is generally perceived by users, put efforts to ascertain that the reputation of the brand remains on the positive side, and warrant that it benefits in the continual well-being and success of the business.

Every online property through which people can communicate over the Internet including blogs, tweets, posts, reviews, comments, etc. come under the radar of the online brand management. Keeping a close watch on these sources of communication for everything that goes sideways is the responsibility of the brand managers.

Online brand management should be at the centre of any online marketing strategy that is being worked upon, anywhere in the world. In essence, if implemented with correct approach, it can make a business or break it, if ignored. .

In this eLearn – Online Brand Management page we present tutorials that will educate learners about brand management, brand awareness, customer connect, outreach and retention, and brand maintenance.

Who Benefits?

When it comes to online brand management its maintenance is a never ending process. When online marketing professionals or learners opt for these tutorials, they can expect to gain valuable insights about all the elements of online brand management. Even business owners or entrepreneurs can look into these tutorials to ascertain why this discipline should be at the center of any online marketing strategy they work upon with the stakeholders.


Although we start with the very basics of online brand management, working knowledge of other online marketing channels like search engine optimization, social media optimization and social media marketing is preferred.

Brand Management eLEARN Tutorial

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