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Online Lead Generation refers to the use of various online resources to generate interest in a customer to avail a product or a service. These leads are then referred to an individual or a team to convert it into sales and eventually revenue for the concerned business.

This eLearn – Online Lead Generation page presents tutorials that will explain the techniques one can employ to generate such leads.

Lead generation is as important for emerging organizations as it’s for established business enterprises. That’s why the tutorials that we offer cover everything that encompass this online marketing channel, be it B2B or B2C sales, most effective customer acquisition techniques, product marketing or start up marketing tips and tactics, and a lot more.

Invariably, companies prefer to generate leads fast and in a really cost-effective way. The tutorials presented here will delve into techniques, which if implemented correctly, can help to achieve even the most stringent of lead generation targets set by the business owners.

Who Benefits?

Anyone who wants to acquire more leads for the brand or business he or she works for can benefit from these tutorials. That person can be an online marketer, a product manager, an entrepreneur who wants to get foothold for his or her start up or a fast emerging enterprise, business owner of any organization who plans to delve into online lead generation as a viable online marketing channel for his or her business.


To effectively implement the techniques explained in these tutorials, one must have some experience of online marketing. Preferably, he should also understand the basics of traditional lead generation.

Lead Generation eLEARN Tutorial

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