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As quite a lot of us are aware of, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a set of techniques and procedures online marketers use to uphold the reputation of their clients, who most often than not, is an emerging brand or a business. The tutorials presented on this eLearn-Online Reputation Management (ORM) page will look at these very techniques in detail.

We cover ORM from the very basics of it. We will start with what is ORM, why is it required, and how it works for a brand or a business in detail. We will look at how ORM works in pushing those harmful reviews further down the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) or encouraging happy clients post positive reviews on your social media profiles. In nutshell, we will look at how ORM works to influence what information people find over the Internet about an entity and to a large extent how they perceive about it.

Before we delve into these tutorials we need to get the expectations straight. ORM only works to a particular extent to uphold the reputation of an entity. The quality of products an entity sells and/or services it offers, holds the fort when it comes to their eventual growth and success in the marketplace.

Who Benefits?

Well, online marketers who have heard about ORM or have implements a few of its elements over due course. Entrepreneurs and businessmen, who need to understand why ORM is a requirement and not just a good to have thing for their business, and, of-course why it’s extremely essential for them to invest in this online marketing channel, be generous in their investment, and patient when it comes to results according to expectations.


Although there are no essential prerequisites for this course, knowledge of how various social media networks work is desired. In addition, basic understanding of SEO influences the rankings on SERPs is also good to have.

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