Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a highly effective and a fairly easy way to reach out to the target audiences. SMM’s potential and reach can be gauged from the fact that every second person on this globe is on some social media platform or the other and he or she usually spends a couple of hours on average there. As a result a majority of these individuals come to know about existing and new brands here.

If you have a brand, product or service to market, SMM is the way forward. Popular SMM techniques are brand management (which requires marketers to create and maintain a blog and complement it with a Twitter and Facebook to spread the word) and social media targeting (in which marketers engage with individuals about the products and services on offer). Here we present tutorials to cover these and many other techniques.

Who Benefits?

These tutorials are designed to cater to the needs of SMM learners who plan to build a career in social media engagement and marketing. Entrepreneurs who intend to develop a presence for their brand, product or service can get conversant with the various SMM tool and techniques by going through the tutorials. Even students pursuing degree courses in social media can gain a lot from these tutorials.


To get started with SMM learning, students need to get conversant with the basic features of various social media platforms. One needs to know how he can open and configure an account on say Twitter or Instagram, have knowhow to create and edit a post or a tweet, and have very basic understanding of its features. If you have this knowhow, you have just landed at an apt place.

SMM eLEARN Tutorial

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