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Be it any business, it takes time and effort to develop relationships with customers. However, nowadays, proactively reaching out to prospective customers holds the key. Door-to-door marketing is the technique of the 20th century—it’s slow, extremely time-consuming and requires great deal of upfront investment. You need something quick and agile.

Enter SMS. In this day and age, with people from all walks of life owning a smartphone, a really effective medium to reach out to the prospective customers, is by sending them neatly crafted promotional SMSs. This SMS Marketing page provides visitors with all the references they need to learn SMS marketing.

Who Benefits?

SMS Marketing can really complement the online marketing efforts of any business. Coherent communication delivered instantly and seamlessly, makes it immensely reliable. Especially service businesses, e-commerce stores, and travel companies always have an email strategy at place to promote and market. So if you are associated with any of these businesses who don’t yet have an SMS marketing strategy at place, show them its potential because they really need one.


These tutorials will benefit any organization who intend to include SMS Marketing as an online marketing channel. However, for that the company should have a database of customers ready. Also required is a strategy and the resources at place to create and execute an SMS marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing eLEARN Tutorial

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