Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in a marketing channel with which, online marketers deploy paid ads on search engines to market their products and services. Here, you will learn everything related to the techniques and procedures that come under the purview of SEM. So, if you want to get an ad campaign up and running as per guidelines which the search engines have set or optimize the campaign to get more steam in it, you will get all the references here.

Who Benefits?

Anyone who wants to learn SEM can benefit from our tutorials as they are designed from scratch; well almost. If the business requirement is immediate leads, SEM is the way forward. Marketers can leverage the capabilities of the various pay as use models of SEM to get the traction the business needs on the paid section of SERPs. And if your next question is how, then the tutorials here have the answer.


These tutorials are designed for anyone who has basic understanding of how search engines function. Thorough clarity of the product or service he intends to market before he can think of creating an online ad campaign will be useful. Having the skill to express more in few words is an added plus because ad copy descriptions can be only up to 90 characters.

SEM eLEARN Tutorial

  • What is SEM? A Basic Guide to Search Engine Marketing
    Basic of SEM You Ought to Know in Digital Marketing | SEM: Now and Then, Essence of SEM for Today’s Businesses, Common SEM Terms, SEM Platforms to Look Into, How SEM Works?, SEM: Concluding Remarks
  • SEM vs SEO: A Comparison, Discourse and Conversation
    SEM vs SEO: Key Comparison Between SEM and SEO | SEM vs SEO: The Differences, SEM vs SEO: The Similarities , SEM: Advantages over SEO, SEO: Advantages over SEM, SEM: Disadvantages In comparison to SEO, SEO: Disadvantages in comparison to SEM, SEO vs SEM: Which One Is Right for a Business?, SEM vs SEO: To Conclude
  • Keyword Research In SEM: Look Its Role and Importance
    Look All the Essentials of Keyword Research in SEM | Why and How of Keyword Research?, Types of Keywords, Keywords and Account Structure, Keyword Research in SEM: To Sum It Up
  • Why Your Business Needs SEM? Valuable Things to Know
    Why Your Business Needs SEM? Factors To Consider | Instant Brand Visibility, Instant Revenue Generation, Scalability & Flexibility, It’s Less Competitive, It’s Less Expensive, Business Needs SEM: Final Thoughts
  • How a Typical SEM Ad Auction Works? Factors to Consider
    How the SEM Ad Auction Works? Explained in Detail | A Typical Example of Ads Copy, How the Ad Auction Works in SEM?, What is a Bid?, About Ad Relevance, A Typical Day-to-day SEM scenario, How to Gauge an Ad’s Quality Score?, SEM Ad Auction: Final Remarks
  • Key Tips for Successful SEM Campaign You Need to Know
    6 Most Useful Key Tips for Successful SEM Campaign | Research Your Target Market, Adopt Advanced Targeting Options, Consider Best Business Practices, Run Ad Experiments, Include Ad Extensions, Make the Landing Page as Meaningful as Possible, SEM Campaign Tips: To Recap
  • 9 Steps to Successful SEM Marketing Strategy
    9 Steps that Set the Roadmap to Successful SEM Marketing Strategy | Understand Why the Customers Search the Web, Set A Clear Goal…And Establish Metrics to Track it, Identify Your Customers, Set A Budget of Your Ads, Research for Keywords, Create Relevant Ad Groups, Create Relevant Landing Pages, Use Negative Keywords, Maintain High Quality Score, SEM Marketing Strategy: Final Thoughts
  • Top 10 Best SEM Tools for Search Engine Marketing
    10 Best SEM Tools to Jumpstart Your SEM Campaigns | SEMRush, Google Ads Editor, Optmyzr, Google Keywords Planner, Supermetrics, Moat, Wordstream, Shape, KeywordTool.IO, SpyFu, SEM Tools: To Conclude

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