In this eLearn page, we cover all the elements that constitute Social Media Optimization (SMO). SMO utilizes the features of various social media channels to build the online presence of an individual, brand, company or an organization. SMO can be used to good effect to create awareness about the products and services on offer among existing and prospective customers. Marketers also use SMO to uphold the online reputation of their clients. Popular SMO platforms utilized world-over by online marketers are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube and Pinterest.

Who Benefits?

These tutorials are designed for anyone. If you are a newbie in the online marketing field who needs to learn as to how their features can be harnessed to benefit their purpose, these tutorials are appropriate for you. Even if you are seasoned online marketing professional who needs to keep up with what’s current in SMO, you are at the right place.


These tutorials are designed for anyone who is a bit conversant with the various social media platforms. Whether you are an SEO or a PPC expert who wants to create a mark in SMO, an entrepreneur who plans to market his brand on popular social media networks, or even a student who decides to take social media as a career, these tutorials will be of immense help.

SMO eLEARN Tutorial

  • What SMO Really Is? A Basic Guide for Content Marketers
    What Makes Social Media Optimization Essential? | What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?, How SMO helps in SEO?, Other Noteworthy Benefits of SMO, SMO: To Conclude
  • 5 Golden Rules of SMO: Create Great Impact on Social Media
    SMO Rules: A Sneak Peak into the 5 Rules of SMO | Content Rules the Roost, Sharing Content Should Be Easy, Think of Rewards for Linking, Make Your Content Travel, Allow Content Mashup to Happen, SMO Rules: Conclusion
  • 6 Best SMO Strategy: Enhance Your Online Brand Awareness
    6 Effective SMO Strategy for Brands and Businesses | Have a Plan at Place, Carefully Create your Social Media Profiles, Keyword Research – It Matters here as Well, Originality is the Key with Content, Equally Important is to Stick to a Schedule, Finally, Monitor Everything, SMO Strategy: Conclusion
  • SMO Tips and Tricks: Improve your Social Media Presence
    Optimize Social Campaigns with SMO Tips and Tricks | Perform Periodic Audits, Fine Tune the Search Quotient, Identify What to Publish & When, Optimize the Writing Style of your Posts, Track the Behaviour of your Audience, Participate and Converse, SMO Tips and Tricks: Conclusion
  • 10 Most Popular Social Media Optimization Tools
    Look Below Top 10 Social Media Optimization Tools | Hootsuite, AgroPulse, Social Oomph, SocialFlow, EveryPost, Tweepi, Buffer, Edocr, HubSpot, Tweetdeck, SMO Tools: Conclusion

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