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What is On Page SEO? A Basic Guide for SEO Beginners
May 8, 2021
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May 29, 2021
What is Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Off Page SEO is a set of promotional activities performed outside the site. Prime objective of these activities is to enhance the credibility of the site on the Internet. These activities include getting shares on social media and attracting backlinks from other credible sites.

What are backlinks? Why are they important for a site? How can they be obtained? Well, over due course of this article, we try to provide answers to these queries.

Why Is Off-Page SEO Important?

Off-Page SEO is a set of techniques and procedures used for branding a website. These activities indicate to search engines the relevance and importance of a site for the Internet community in general. These indications or signals are generated through Backlinks. Backlink is a link from a page of a website to a relevant page on another website. Backlinks are votes of trustworthiness and quality for a website. More such votes your website receives the better it is for its search engine ranking.

Backlinks also act as a deciding factor for search engine rankings. If the quality of On-Page SEO of two furniture retailer websites in on par with each other, the one which has received more backlinks gets the higher rank.

Back Link Types

There are three types of Off-Page SEO links – natural links, built links, and created links.

Natural Links

When a content creator or a webmaster finds a useful site through random search and subsequently creates a link to one of its pages, the link created is Natural Link.

Built Links

Links generated through outreach of the webmaster or the online marketing team of a website, when they engage with other high-ranking websites are called Built Links. Engagement can be through whatever means but tangible elements that work are blogs, infographics, press releases, guest posts, and the likes.

Created Links

Links created by your own team through submission on various online directories that accept articles are called Created Links. This is a technique that is looked down by search engines and should be used sparingly.

Factors that Influence Link Value

You may get numerous links from low-quality sites that engage in activities looked down by search engines. However, they add little to enhance the ranking of your site. That’s why link building should be targeted at trustworthy websites that have decent online reputation.

Here are few factors that enhance the value of the link that your website gets:

  • How fresh is the link; the newer the better.
  • How much trustworthy is the linking page; the more the better.
  • How many links are there on the linking page; the less the better.
  • How deep is the linking page on the site; the deeper the better as it will most likely have less links than other pages.
  • How relatable is the linking page to your page? Are both from the same work domain?
  • How relevant and consistent is the anchor text (text within the link) on your site. Ideally, it should include a relevant phrase
  • The link from the linking site should not be “no follow.”

Off-Page SEO Techniques    

There are various Off-Page SEO techniques that companies use to enhance the search engine ranking and overall reputation of a website. Here we discuss a few of them in brief:

Link Building

The most obvious off-page SEO technique is getting other reputed websites link back to pages on yours. The activity drives traffic to your site, adds to its reputation, and enhances its ranking with search engines.

But, how to convince other websites link to yours:

  • Create easy to read, relevant, and interesting content.
  • Connect with bloggers and journalists for publishing opportunities.
  • Promote relevant content like infographics, blog posts, and videos on social media.
  • Join associations, start writing for their websites and link back to your company’s website.


First and foremost get your research right as to what the readers want to read about your company’s area of expertise.  Then, start creating linkable content around it on the blog section of your site and finally, let it reach out to the audiences through various social media channels.

Set up a blog calendar and follow it diligently. This will keep your readers engaged and search engines crawl regularly to your site.

Social Media Marketing

Use various social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to be approachable with your audiences and customers.

Ensure that the individual or team handling the social media accounts is friendly to your audience but objective in approach. These traits will help them respond appropriately to the comments they receive on social media.

All these factors will enhance the trustworthiness of your site and brand, in general.

Influencer Marketing

There are a lot of well-known social media personalities that endorse and market a brand for a fee. They are called influencers and have a huge follower base. You can engage with them to promote your brand as well.

Social Bookmarking

Target channels relevant to the area of expertise of your company on social bookmarking sites (Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) and share linkable content.

Consider sites like Scribd, SlideShare, etc. to share articles on specific subjects. In addition consider sites like Photobucket, Flickr, Imgur, etc. to submit images. 

In addition to getting high-quality links, there are several definite benefits of Off-Page SEO.

Enhances  Page Rank

Quality and quantity of links to a page contributes in enhancement of its rank. Given in the scale of 1-10 by Google, pagerank adds to credibility of the page.

Generate Traffic

Links to your page contribute in generating traffic to your site and eventually leads for the sales people to convert.

Enhances SERP Rankings

Quality links are signals to search engines that your website provides relevant and trustworthy information. This enhances its ranking on SERPs.

Adds to Site’s Trustworthiness

Enhancement in page and SERP rankings, instils a feeling of trust among visitors and prospective clients.


Off-page SEO encompasses activities that are time consuming and involve great deal of patience from all stakeholders. However, if done right it can boost the rankings of the site, its trustworthiness and eventually it credibility on the online space. Mantra is to strategize properly and then implement.