May 29, 2021
What is Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO? The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

As the name suggests, websites require certain technical optimizations that make it easier for crawlers to navigate its pages. Once all the optimizations are complete and are
May 22, 2021
What is Off Page SEO

What is Off Page SEO? A Basic Guide to SEO

Off Page SEO is a set of promotional activities performed outside the site. Prime objective of these activities is to enhance the credibility of the site on the Internet. These
May 8, 2021
What is On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO? The Ultimate Guide to SEO

Any optimization that you perform on your website and to a large extent on its pages is on-page optimization. Ultimate aim of on-page SEO is to make the website more usable for
May 2, 2021
Three Types of SEO

3 Types of SEO: Boost Your Website Traffic Organically

A lot of us will agree that, for any brand or business to succeed in the online marketing sphere it needs to have a well-grounded SEO strategy at place. With SEO it takes time
April 21, 2021
Organic Search vs Paid Search

Organic Search vs Paid Search: Compare the Differences

There are essentially two types of searches, organic search and paid search. Businesses across the world try to exploit the potential benefits of these search types, as and when
March 6, 2021
Drawback of Paid Search in Digital Marketing

4 Major Disadvantages of Paid Search in Digital Marketing

For sure paid search has the potential, scope and reach to get the desired traction for businesses. However, this online marketing channel comes with its own share of drawbacks
February 22, 2021
Drawback of Organic Search

4 Major Disadvantages of Organic Search in SEO

There are innumerable benefits of organic search. If companies channelize their resources in right direction and follow a structured approach, organic search can be the
February 16, 2021
Benefits of Paid Search in Digital Marketing

7 Most Important Benefits of Paid Search in Digital Marketing

Paid search is the main revenue generating source for search engines. Advertisers submit their ads to search engines, the ads get approved and displayed to users, and subsequently
February 16, 2021
Benefits of Organic Search

6 Most Important Benefits of Organic Search in SEO

Paid search, though instant, ceases to deliver the moment the advertiser pauses the ad campaign. On the other hand, organic search is not bound by any paid campaign. It
February 15, 2021
What is Paid Search in Digital Marketing

What is Paid Search in Digital Marketing? Explained in Brief

Unlike organic search, paid search is an online marketing channel in which search engines permit businesses to show their ads in SERPs. Google leads the market share in paid