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April 21, 2021
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May 8, 2021
Three Types of SEO

A Brief Explanation About Three Main Types of SEO

A lot of us will agree that, for any brand or business to succeed in the online marketing sphere it needs to have a well-grounded SEO strategy at place. With SEO it takes time and effort to build the presence, however eventual results are far-reaching, relevant and effective.  

Generally, when we think of What is SEO?, the first thing that comes in our minds is working around keywords. However, over time it has become a lot more diverse and complex. SEO now has various types that complement each other to give an online property the edge it needs over others. In this tutorial, we will review each of these types in detail and evaluate the value they generate for a website.

On Page SEO

As the title suggests, On Page SEO refers to the techniques and practices implemented to optimize the pages of a site. Ultimate objective is to make the pages more user-friendly and easier for search engines to navigate and comprehend.

At the helm of on page SEO is high quality and meaningful page content; content that gives purpose to the page and value to the reader. It should be unique, original and free from any plagiarism related issues.

In addition to authoring decent content, on page SEO includes adding and optimizing various elements of the page such as Title, Headings and Images etc. to make it easier for the search engines to easily comprehend the purpose of the page.

Finally, effort should be made to beautify the content to make it appealing for the users. Advertisements, if inserted, should not have a detrimental impact on the viewing experience of the readers.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is all about behind the scene promotional activities for the website. All the activities are performed, outside the web site with an intent to make it rank as high as possible on SERPs.

Ultimate objective is to make a site popular because popular websites are more likely to rank higher on SERPs than less popular ones. One way to do so is building links with trusted websites that operate in same work area. Although, an ongoing and time consuming activity, it reaps far reaching benefits for the site. Why? Well because search engines, especially Google, consider links from other high authority websites as ‘votes of trust’ and adds to the authority of the site.
Another off page activity is promoting conversations about the site on various social media platforms and forums. For instance, how about encouraging the users to visit a site and if they find it meaningful, requesting them to review it. Search engines usually keep an eye on such reviews and reward the websites in return.

In general, of page activities imparts exposure, creates trustworthiness and eventually boosts the site rankings.

Technical SEO

As the title suggests, technical SEO works on the technical factors of the site with an objective to make it more visible to the search engines. If performed properly, technical SEO helps bots crawl all its pages and index them for future use.

As part of technical SEO, experts place their efforts to reduce the page load time, optimize robots.txt and create sitemap.html to submit it on search engines. In addition, it’s equally imperative to make the site responsive for mobiles and PCs alike, and install the SSL certificate on it.
Other important pointers to work upon are to remove 404 errors and implement a well-defined site structure to make it easier for the search engines to crawl the website.

Types of SEO: Conclusion

As we all know, SEO is one of the most effective online marketing channels as its results are far-reaching, conclusive and reliable. The SEO types discussed above work on different yet interconnected realms with an aim to give the site the traction it needs to rank high on SERPs. What’s required is a well-rounded strategy, a concentrated approach, and diligent efforts to accomplish the ultimate objective.