7 Most Important Benefits of Paid Search in Digital Marketing

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February 16, 2021
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Benefits of Paid Search in Digital Marketing

7 Top Benefits of Paid Search in Digital Marketing

Paid search is the main revenue generating source for search engines. Advertisers submit their ads to search engines, the ads get approved and displayed to users, and subsequently advertisers pay to the search engines as per predefined terms. How do advertisers benefit from such ads? Well, this discourse focuses on this very point.

Expect Results Almost Instantly

Yes, that’s true! With paid search the moment your ad goes live, results can start pouring in. You can setup the campaign and in most cases get your ads on air in minutes. However, most search engines do a thorough background check of your campaign and give a final approval within 2-3 business days.

Quick turnaround time when it comes to campaign and ad approval, followed by instant display of ads on SERPs get businesses desired results, through clicks, impressions, or any other action. And the moment these ads start generating leads to convert, the objective of having paid search as a revenue generation channel is fulfilled.

Identify High-Value Keywords

Consider this. The keyword “room cleaning below 1000” is generating lot of leads for your business. How about creating a content rich page on this keyword with all the SEO guidelines immersed in it? This new page has all the potential in world to rank well organically as well.

With paid search, marketers can identify such high-value keywords and use them to implement a parallel SEO strategy. Over due course, if these keywords start ranking on the first page of organic search, leads will come your way without spending on paid search.

Express Impressive ROI

When it comes to ROI, paid search is right up there. On an average, with paid search, every dollar of expenditure gets revenue of two dollars for a business. However, with Google Ads, every dollar of expenditure gets revenue of eight dollars. Such is the power and reach of paid search.

Attract Ready-to-Buy Customers

Paid search has an inherent uniqueness. It generates leads of customers who intend to buy a product or avail a service. They just need access to an entity that can sell a product or deliver a service to them. Such effective leads help a company generate immediate results and revenue.

Downside to these leads is that keywords that work in the background are usually high in competition. However, that’s where the skills and experience of your online marketing team can be extremely useful. With close monitoring of bids and costs, expected ROI can be achieved even with these highly competitive keywords as well.

Get Actionable Data

Actionable data is information that businesses can use to gain insights, which can influence their future decision making to improve their campaigns going forward. Both paid search and organic search channels provide actionable data like keywords, demographics, ROI distribution, etc.

For instance, if an ad is performing poorly over a particular period of time, based on available insights, your online marketing team can rewrite the ad copy, revise the bid, update the landing page, or change it into a better one. In online marketing terms, activities like these are only called optimization of an ad or an ad campaign in totality.

Support Other Campaigns

Usually, whenever a business embarks in online marketing journey, it starts with paid search as it gets fast results. Over due course, when the business adds more online marketing channels such as SEO, social media, email campaigns, etc. in its work area, data collected from paid search experience, can benefit these channels as well.

For instance, as we have already discussed above, how high-value keywords can aid in the SEO strategy of a business. In addition, demographics can help understand the customer base of a company using which an effective SMO strategy can be worked upon.

Set Flexible Budget

Last but not the least, across all paid search channels, businesses have the flexibility to set a budget and modify it on daily basis. Worth to mention, however, is that your industry and strategy influences your budget.

So analyze your industry before you decide on your paid search expenses. Remember to never underinvest because it will impact your campaign’s performance and ROI. Use tools like Keywordtool.IO and KeywordsFX to identify and set the baseline of your budget and bids. Start with a small budget, analyze the results periodically, and modify it accordingly.

Benefits of Paid Search: Conclusion

Paid search gives the flexibility, the reach, and the range to businesses to play on a level playing field with competitors. With proper analysis, thorough monitoring and careful review on periodic basis, paid search delivers desired and sustainable ROI. Effective use of actionable data that paid results generate other online marketing channels can also benefit over due course.