What is Paid Search in Digital Marketing
What is Paid Search in Digital Marketing? Explained in Brief
February 15, 2021
Benefits of Paid Search in Digital Marketing
7 Most Important Benefits of Paid Search in Digital Marketing
February 16, 2021
Benefits of Organic Search

6 Top Popular Benefits of Organic Search in SEO

Paid search, though instant, ceases to deliver the moment the advertiser pauses the ad campaign. On the other hand, organic search is not bound by any paid campaign. It generates results on a search engine results page (SERP) on the basis of a ranking algorithm. This algorithm is unique for every search engine.

As with paid search, organic search has its own share of benefits which we cover in brief in this discussion:

It’s Free

As we know, a ranking algorithm generates organic results on SERPs. Results appear without spending anything of ads or promotions of any kind. Unlike paid search, business heads do not require to set a periodic budget for ad spends. So, unlike in paid search, you pay nothing to search engines to get your web page(s) listed organically in search results. So, there are no direct costs involved to get the rankings on SERPs. 

However, you need to spend time and effort to get the rankings for your pages, which can range from 4-6 months minimum. The resources you hire to get these ranking related activities (also referred to as search engine optimization (SEO) activities) may also convince you to subscribe for paid tools like AHref and SEMrush. However, subscriptions to such paid resources are good to have and will not hinder your efforts great deal if you don’t opt for those.

It Delivers Impressive ROI

90% of online marketers consider SEO to be a successful activity. This is because when you optimize your website to pass the ranking factors test, you prepare it to deliver impressive ROI. Two obvious ROI parameters are year-on-year increase in organic search traffic and contact form submissions. 

In a majority of cases contact form submissions only take place when the users have transactional intent in mind. They act as definitive leads for the sales people of the organizations to take over.

It Enhances Credibility

Ultimate short term aim of organic search is to rank a URL on the top of a targeted SERP. To get to that, first create content that targets keywords relevant for your business.  Once your writers start rolling out such content ready, next step is to have a content strategy going through which you can seek backlinks from authoritative sources. Quality backlinks add a lot of value to the web pages and help a great deal to make them rank high on search engine rankings.

Once the page attains the number one ranking in the organic search of relevant SERPs, it adds to the credibility of your business. In comparison, when your URL appears on the top paid results do not generate that much value. Immediate impression would be “Ahh! It’s just an ad”; remember the Ad symbol. Organic results never create that impression.

If the business appears in multiple organic results it further enhances its credibility. Moreover, if you sustain the ranking for a considerable period of time it’s even better.

It Brings Relevant Users Organically

Unlike paid search, organic search only attracts relevant users. Whether you are looking for traffic with informational, navigational or transactional intent, only organic search can get it for you. On the contrary, paid search largely attracts users with transactional intent.

Scope of this benefit can be realized from the fact that with organic search you can maximize your presence across all the searches and all this comes without any upfront cost to you.

As per various studies, a majority of people prefer businesses that create custom content, and content that is easy to comprehend. With organic search you have a great deal of flexibility to produce such content. This is because, one of the most important factors to rank well organically is to have original content ready, whenever required.

It Provides Actionable Data

As with paid search, organic search also provides ready-to-usereal time data. For instance how many viewsdid the latest How-To video has generated, or how many likes did the latest Facebook post get.

Actionable data like this is coherent and easy to comprehend. Businesses can utilize it easily to improve their campaigns, churn out even more authoritative content, and eventually convert more leads into customers.

It Supports Social Media

A coordinated effort between teams that manage organic search and social media can result in organic search being the feeder to social media.

For instance, a bright brain in your team has created a really interesting infographic that needs more eye balls. You can repurpose that infographic by sharing it on Facebook post, and Instagram Feed or as a microblog entry on Twitter to get more likes, shares, or tweets.

Same can be done with a highly relevant YouTube video that needs repositioning.

Benefits of Organic Search: Conclusion


With organic search at the helm of the online marketing strategy of your business, it can turn things fantastically for you. To start with, churn out A-plus content, then reposition and market it well to gets links and eventually rankings. Once the traffic starts coming, it will drive leads for the sales team to convert and generate revenue for your business.