What is a Transactional Search Query?

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January 26, 2021
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What is a Navigational Search Query?
January 29, 2021
What is a Transactional Search Query

Transactional Search Query: Understand with an Example

Consider this scenario. You plan to buy a water purification system. A few search queries that you may issue are “water purifier dealers near me”, “best water purifiers” or obvious ones like “purchase water purifier.”

If we go by definition-Queries that convey the user’s intention to perform a transaction are transactional search queries or in other words queries that convey to the search engines to display results using which the end-user can take that final decision to buy, purchase, or order a product or a service are called transactional search queries.

For example, the query, “purchase water purifier,” explicitly conveys the user’s intent to purchase a water purifier. The queries, “water purifier dealers near me” and “best water purifiers” also convey the user’s intent to buy a product but the intent can be best said to be encapsulated, so to speak. Transactional search queries usually contain words like order, purchase, buy, and so on because the intent is to make that all important transaction.

Types of Transactional Search Queries

Brand-Focused Searches: Queries that include the name of the brand or a product are brand focused queries. Examples are: “iPhone 12 dealers near me”, or “LG air conditioner” or “Kent water purifier.”

Generic Searches: Queries like “cheap water purifier” and, as stated above, “best water purifiers” are generic as they don’t have a brand or product name in the combination of words they use.

Vertical Searches: Transactional queries specific to a particular industry like “best car dealers in Delhi” or “rooms below 2000 near me” are classified as vertical searches.

SEO Experts and Transactional Queries

If you are an SEO expert, there are various manoeuvres you can perform to get the best out of transactional queries, especially when they are promoting a specific product or service.

 Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Include the name of the product or service in title tag, image alt tag, meta- description and main content of the page, organically but not deliberately (forget stuffing, its dead and buried).
  2. Add meaningful, relevant and up-to-the-point information about the product or service that is presentable and easy to comprehend. This will help in driving more leads for the sales to take over.
  3. Add call to action on your pages to give clarity to buyers on how they can purchase the product or service.
  4. Work with the pay-per-click (PPC) team to have an ad campaign going to increase sales. It may cost a significant bit from your pocket but it’s worth the deal. Why? Here are the reasons?
  • PPC ads take a lot of space on the top of the SERP so with thoughtful and well-targeted ads your product or service will also get desired visibility.
  • According to previous researches, purchases with paid ads outnumber organic ads by twice the number.
  • If you are new in the market, you may find it virtually impossible to compete with other established brands, organically. However, with high bids, your ad may just feature among others in the ads sections on SERPs.


When you, as an SEO expert, implement these nimble suggestions, you can make the transactional queries work effectively for their product or service. Always remember that if you want to drive overall traffic, essential is to have a long-term and viable SEO strategy. Finally, if you couple them up with an effective PPC campaign, desired results can be achieved.