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February 6, 2021
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February 15, 2021
What is Organic Search in SEO

Learn All About The Basics Of Organic Search In SEO

The term “organic” means anything that is produced naturally. In online marketing, organic search refers to search that yields results without executing anything inventive such as an ad campaign. It is also known by other different name such as natural search or unpaid search results or organic search results.

When it comes to organic search, every result that gets generated is assigned a rank strictly by an algorithm that considers several ranking factors. This algorithm varies from one search engine to another.

Each search result takes the position in the search engine results page (SERP) as per the rank it gets from the algorithm. The higher the rank, the better is the quality of the search result. However, the ranking may differ in Google, Bing and Yahoo! because their respective algorithms work differently.

In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of organic search.

How to identify Organic Search Results?

In a SERP, the set of normal results that do not have the symbol “Ad” in front of them are organic search results. Results that have the symbol “Ad” before them are called paid results.
The results usually appear below the paid results. In some cases, organic search results appear below SERP features like a Knowledge Graph or a People Also Ask section and/or the paid results.

Why do Organic Results appear below Paid Results?

Well, the reason is cost. Organic results are generated naturally. You optimize a website according to predefined set of guidelines and procedures. If you have the skills and the knowhow, you can access and implement these procedures free of cost and yield desired results for your business or company. The process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

However, if you decide to hire an SEO agency or an online marketing company to get the job done, you need to pay it the contractual fee as per the agreement. Companies can enter in a one-time website optimization agreement with you or in a term-based contract in which they will proactively perform all the SEO process or activities which they deem important to keep your site optimized and ready to deliver expected ROI.

Does All this Really Work?

If you are looking for instant results, organic search is not your cup to tea. However, if you intend to invest in long-term visibility of your website, generate qualified leads, and implement measures that can ensure sustainable return on investment, organic search is the trusted channel and SEO is the way forward.

Nearly nine out of ten online marketers consider organic SEO successful. However, according to various studies organic SEO is not that popular among companies worldwide. When it comes to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) only 33% get their websites optimized. However, it’s essential to website owners should invest in keeping their websites optimized and optimized to a certain degree of smartness. This is because a neatly optimized website has much more chances to rank in the first page of organic search.

Why Ranking on the First Page Is Essential?

More than 71% of users only view the first page of search; after which nearly 94% of them prefer to issue a new search and only 6% prefer to search the remaining pages. So, all efforts must be placed to rank URLs on the first page of organic search. However, as all website owners are putting their best foot forward to rank of the first page of SERP, competition is tough up there. So, it’s essential to optimize the site better than your competitors to get the desired ranking.

Basics of Organic Search: Conclusion

In essence, results generated by organic search are innate as they are not influenced by paid advertising. It takes time and effort to get the desired visibility through organic search. What’s required is a robust marketing strategy along with a carefully designed content plan to get you on the right track. Businesses targeting organic search as a marketing channel should have a focused approach, clear objective in mind and faith in the abilities of the marketers they hire to get the job done. Once all these elements are at place, organic search has the potential to work wonders for any business.