How to Improve Search Engine Rankings of Your Site?

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February 5, 2021
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What is Organic Search in SEO?
February 14, 2021
How to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Key Strategy to Improve Search Engine Rankings of Your Website

I was baffled. I had spent a lot of man hours, with my core team, on the design and content of my company web site. Yet, it was not able to get the expected traction. It ranked nowhere in searches, my clients couldn’t locate it (unless they knew its complete URL), and all efforts seemed to have gone in vain.

“What next?” I asked myself. In came my SEO guy with a fresh perspective. Just a few hours of discussion with him was enough for me to understand what the next phase of my site development would be?

Obviously, my site didn’t rank anywhere on search engines. So, he suggested the following pointers to work upon, and give my site the best chance to rank well.

Understand how customers search online

Like in traditional marketing, in online marketing as well, when the need of the hour is to improve the search engine ranking of a site, it’s essential to look at the consumer’s search behaviour. Here we will do so by understanding the consumer’s buying cycle.

First step is awareness. Of course the customer is aware about the problem. For instance, his problem is water seepage. So, his search begins with identifying possible solutions for the same. The search query would be seepage in ceiling, seepage in walls, etc.

Next up is consideration. When he understands the possible reasons of the issue at hand, he would look at probable solution providers near his location. So his next query will be something like ‘water proofing experts nearby.’

Finally, when the customer is ready to make that final purchase, he will directly search for someone like ‘Delta water proofing solutions.’

Understand usage of keywords

Keywords are phrases that online marketers target on the basis of search queries that consumers issue on search engines.  Keywords can be long-tail, like ‘cheap and best water proofing experts nearby’ or ‘best water proofing solution providers near my location.’ They can be short keywords as well like ‘gyms nearby,’ or ‘motorcycle stores.’

In current SEO setup, when the discussion is about integration of keywords in content, best approach would be to select a few long tail keywords that have medium competition from a reputed keyword analysis tool. Keywords should be relevant to your business, service or location. Finally, integrate them organically in the pages and never over stuff.

Update your content regularly

It’s best to update content on your website on weekly basis. To do that, identify the sections on your site that you can update regularly.

Additionally, design the homepage in such a way that whatever gets updated on these sections gets updated on the homepage as well.

Why website updates are important? The more you update the content of your website, the more regularly search engines visit and your website and discover wonderful content. All this can enhance the ranking of your website.

Build links with other websites

Updating your website with high quality content is not enough. Request other high authority websites link to your website. This is because; Google and other search engines analyze the links from other web sites to yours. If high authority websites linkup, search engines consider it as vote of confidence, relevance and usefulness for your site. So, the more relevant links you get from other high authority websites, the better it is for your website ranking.

Have a meta description for every page

Not all website owners understand the power of meta descriptions. However, these small snippets give them an opportunity to communicate with prospective customers. So, it’s essential to update the meta descriptions with precise and most relevant information about your page, because the more relevant your content is, the higher it ranks.

Finally and ideally, a meta-description should also have all the main words of the page title.


Website owners, developers, online marketers and the likes should look at these points with an eye for detail. Best approach would be to have a plan at place that covers all these points. Finally, it’s also useful to keep an eye on all changes that search engines bring in related to how websites are ranked on them and update your plan accordingly.