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Top Popular Lists of White Hat SEO Techniques
January 9, 2021
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What is a Search Engine?
January 24, 2021
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Lists of Black Hat SEO Techniques: Must Avoid to Get Long Term Success

Black hat SEO techniques game the search engines systems by finding and exploiting the loopholes in its guidelines. Such methods or tactics are often at cross with its Terms of Service for they do not to follow the purpose of the set guidelines.

They may improve a website’s rank on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) very quickly on a temporary basis. In the long run, however, these SEO tactics or practices will result in getting reprimanded, blacklisted, or banned.

What are Black Hat SEO Techniques?

Black Hat SEO Tactics or Practices is one kind of techniques that go against search engines guidelines to boost your website’s ranking on search engines results page. It basically, increase your website’s search visibility and boost your site traffic through unscrupulous practices. This types of practices violate search engines guidelines policy to get top rank on SERPs. It is highly recommended by Google instead of Black Hat SEO techniques use White Hat SEO techniques to increase overall performance of your website and stay connected for long term goal and success in the digital world.

Let’s study all of these top risky techniques in details:

Hidden Text

Some websites contain pieces of text that a web crawler is able to detect but is invisible to human users. Its purpose is solely to increase relevant or irrelevant keywords so it may be picked up by search engine algorithms. It inflates the number of keywords in a webpage or create additional links but the user the cannot see the text. A few methods include blending text with the background by giving them the same colour, coding in a way to put words outside the screen display area, reducing text size to zero, etc.

Article Spinning

Article spinning is rewriting the same content in different ways and posting them separately to make them look like a unique body of work. The content of such articles is redundant, of little rigour, and has nothing to offer to the readers. Such spun content is uploaded regularly to put forth the image of newly published content.

Duplicate Content

Following closely is copy-pasting and plagiarising content from other websites or sources.

Ingenuine Snippets

This method involves using small chunks that are irrelevant to a website but is still included solely to increase the visitors to the website.


Cloaking is building or altering websites in such a manner that even though the search engine’s web crawlers detect one set of keywords, users may see an entirely different template. For example, a search for “today’s weather” may display websites related to education or foods simply because they’ve been programmed to attract users looking for another particular search.

Keyword Stuffing

Search engines maintain an index of websites by matching them to relevant keywords or key phrases. To use this to advantage, a common Black Hat SEO practice is to increase the number of keywords per page, adding even irrelevant ones, to more than the optimal 2-4%. This is known as Keyword Stuffing. It causes websites to get indexed to as many keywords as possible, further leading to an increase in the chances of visibility as well as SERP ranking.

Doorway Pages

These pages contain links to other websites for redirecting users, but often have no relevant content for the user or contain poorly written and ill-structured content. Though rich in keywords, the sole purpose for such pages to exist is to act as a doorway for other websites.

URL Hijacking

Also known as Typosquatting, this practice involves encroaching on predictably misspelled domain names of competing websites in anticipation of traffic when users mistakenly type those incorrect URLs. For example, ‘’ instead of ‘’

Page Swapping

This tactic is also known as Bait-and-Switch. Here, a website that was previously indexed and ranked on a SERP changes the contents of the webpage entirely. This causes the users to view a now-different website than the keywords they originally searched for.

Link Farms

A Link Farm is a single assortment of different websites created with the aim to inflate the number of clicks the parent website receives. This causes it to be ranked highly on multiple SERPs, even though the website is confusing and poorly structured.


When making a SEO strategy, it is always advised to not use Black Hat SEO techniques because they bypass the rules and regulations of the set search engines. This has small-term benefits, but are quickly found by the search engine and penalised. So, these all above are risky practices and you should must avoid it for long term success. search engines always love who follow the set guidelines of search engines.